Building Strong Alliances and Strategic Partnerships Is Integral to Our Strategy

What we do?

NorthRow is the only comprehensive risk platform delivering complex, multi -source fraud detection and compliance checks on people, companies and documents at high speed. We offer clients access to the NorthRow platform delivered in a single view, through one easily-integrated single API; including due diligence and risk scoring on companies and individuals, with industry-leading data suppliers.

Samantha Batey, VP, Head of Partnerships and Alliances


Alliances and Strategic Partnerships

At NorthRow, we understand the essential contribution alliances make and we have significant experience in co-designing effective and healthy partnerships, built on strong foundations of mutual trust and on delivering long-term value for both parties. 

The Triangle: Where It All Starts

We always ensure a three-way value proposition; delivering value for the three parties involved: our partner, the client and NorthRow.

Reassurance: We Won’t Let Your Clients Down

We consider this a basic, key requirement of any strategic partnership and alliance – one which we take extremely seriously. We focus firstly on the creation of a great user experience, not on the benefits arising from the partnership.

We plan to enhance the service you offer with industry-leading technology solutions, while also streamlining processes to help ensure you enjoy operational efficiency gains.

Our Approach

1. Thought: Observe, Listen & Analyse

We employ first principles reasoning - breaking down complicated problems to determine the root cause and to help generate original solutions specific to that problem, using facts, not assumptions, to drive product innovation and strategic decisions.

NorthRow’s Strategic Partnerships & Alliances team has in-house global regulatory and compliance experts and experienced, industry-expert business analysts and researchers to help ensure you are gaining access to leaders at the cutting edge of their respective fields.

2. Action: Ask The Difficult Questions

We want to see different possibilities, different approaches, and different potential outcomes. We engage with partners, alliances and senior executives in ways that will benefit the project. What people say and what they mean are often two very different things – we ask the difficult questions to avoid confusion and disappointment further down the line.


“What does success look like in Year 1 versus Year 3?”
“What could impact the outcome in a negative way?”
“What are the early signs of success or failure?”


3. Values: We Treat Our Partnerships Like Our Business

We dedicate the resources, long-term commitment, and ownership required to drive meaningful impact, managing our partners and alliances like a business investment, not a deal. We understand that true collaboration is managed through healthy and trusted relationships; allowing all parties the platform to respond to new information.

In Practice: Key Value Areas

Our approach is to work with customers to support, review and enrich current business processes based upon customer requirements. As a Strategic Partner, we make recommendations, and offer consultancy practices, to our partners on the technology, processes, staff training and a legal framework required to ensure solutions are fit for purpose, alongside managing future regulatory updates.

Why partner with us?

We follow a structured and trusted approach to successful business relationships – particularly in the creation and development of meaningful alliances and partnerships.


"At NorthRow, we understand the essential contribution alliances present and we are experienced in co-designing effective and healthy partnerships, building mutual trust and delivering long-term value."
Maite Fernandez, Business Development Manager, NorthRow