Are you managing the hidden compliance risks beneath the surface? One of the biggest unseen risks for compliance teams across the globe is poor management of its ‘Amber’ cases.

Amber management describes how your business deals with the ambiguous verification cases within your compliance process.

Our webinar first examines how the current business environment fosters ambiguity and shows how you can better recognise the ‘ambers’ and subsequently deal with them.

Misunderstanding ambiguous cases can be the downfall for many compliance teams and can increase their risk exposure to financial crime and non-compliance. The depth of the problem is often underestimated by compliance officers.

Catch up on our webinar as we talk with compliance specialists to explore how best to navigate the hidden risk of ambers.

Key topics

  • What is Amber Management?
  • How to avoid unseen risks
  • Use insight to deliver more effective compliance
  • Q and A

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