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Reduce operational costs and achieve AML compliance with NorthRow WorkStation, a daily tool to deliver end-to-end Anti Money Laundering checks to detect and push fraudsters out.

Deliver efficient AML checks

With financial crime on the rise there is a need for compliance teams to work more efficiently and have the ability to scale their workload. But how can AML be delivered efficiently when there is an ever-increasing burden to satisfy regulatory and legislative requirements with fewer resources? 

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Automate KYC, KYB & AML processes

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Monitor Anti Money Laundering risk

NorthRow WorkStation is an SaaS solution that maximises the use of technology, to deliver a powerful risk engine for routine daily compliance tasks. Onboarding times are reduced and continued customer due diligence is achieved, as integrated data checks can be performed in real time. The need to manually sift through and review large amounts of data can be eliminated, allowing employees to prioritise their time on important tasks.

The future of AML compliance

As an innovative compliance partner, NorthRow will deliver reduced operational costs and support your business in remaining compliant. The future of AML is to deploy an end-to-end comprehensive platform that can be designed specifically to meet your risk appetite and outcomes with a set of bespoke rules that can be scaled as your business needs change.

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Clients we have worked with to deliver AML compliance

We work with our clients to digitally transform their onboarding, monitoring and compliance processes.