Questions and Answers: API 3.0

Matt Law, NorthRow’s Chief Technology Officer explains why his team upgraded the NorthRow API. Here we learn more about the improved functionality and how you can deploy a seamless migration.

Posted on February 25, 2020
Written by Adam Holden


To support our clients’ onboarding and compliance processes further, we have developed a new version of our API.

API 3.0 Webinar Questions & Answers

  • The old NorthRow API was great, why build a new one?

    We had a number of drivers for building a new API. Since we released V2 back in 2017 we have added additional services, such as monitoring, to our core platform. Technology and customer expectations have also become more sophisticated in the way they use and consume digital solutions. Cloud technologies continue to mature so we wanted to take advantage of this to deliver an even better platform for our clients.

  • So what’s new in API 3.0?

    A key aim was to provide a platform that gives clients access to the entire range of NorthRow services. This meant not only the ability to provide the initial onboarding of individuals and companies but also monitoring, management of records over their lifetime and the ability to manage everything through the single API.  Compliance has moved on from simple onboarding to a continuous process, and our API needs to provide services that allow clients to manage that in one single, easy to use place.

  • Is API 3.0 backwards compatible with API 2.0?

    All of the services, profile and data that was available in API 2.0 will continue to be available in API 3.0.  

  • As a developer. I would like to know more about the technical changes.

    We have made a number of technical changes to API 3.0; Bearer Token authentication using the JWT standard Simplified request and response structure Removal of unused attributes and standardisation of type formats Improved error messaging Event-driven callback for transaction completion Online documentation with code samples Our aim has been to make the transition from API 2.0 to API 3.0 as straightforward as possible for developers, keeping the models similar so that it is easy to map existing integration to the new endpoints.

  • You referenced using new cloud services, what does that mean?

    NorthRow is 100% cloud-based using Amazon Web Services. A highly available, secure and reliable service is a key requirement for clients. That means leveraging the services AWS provides to ensure that our platform is always available and ready to cope with client demand. Our team migrated our API services to new container-based clusters and leveraged current AWS services to manage load across the platform to ensure a reliable, consistent service.  What this means for our clients is that our services will be resilient and able to cope with changing loads without affecting their businesses.

  • What does the future hold?

    We continue to develop our ambitious API roadmap with regular enhancements and upgrades as technology and requirements advance. New features on the roadmap include:- Company and postcode search Organisation settings, billing and metrics Supplier data transformation These features will enable clients to fully utilise the power of the NorthRow platform throughout their own products to drive their onboarding journeys.

  • How can I find out more about migration?

    Please download further information or get in touch to find out more.

To learn more watch our latest webinar on API 3.0.