API 3.0 Webinar

To support our client’s migration to the new NorthRow API 3.0, we held a webinar hosted by Matt Law, NorthRow’s Chief Technology Officer.

Posted on November 1, 2019
Written by Adam Holden


To support our client’s migration to the new NorthRow API 3.0, we held a webinar hosted by Matt Law, NorthRow’s Chief Technology Officer, on Tuesday 25th February at 2 pm. You can watch the recording and read the list of questions and answers from the live webinar below.

NorthRow Webinar: API 3.0

Question and Answers from live webinar

  • Within the new API will you include searches for companies based globally and outside of the UK?

    Yes, you will be able to search for the company number in any of the countries you have access to as part of your NorthRow package.

  • Are there any updates to the rule IDs?

    No. We freeze rule IDs when rules are created. These will never change.

  • How do I access documentation for API 3.0?

    The documents are available at https://apidocs.northrow.com. Please visit our website and select the ‘API’ heading. Our documentation is entirely online and interactive.

  • What assistance can you give us when we are migrating?

    We will be on hand to help using the usual support channel. Contact our support team with any questions – support@northrow.com.

  • Which AWS service are you using to store check data?

    We use a variety of AWS services to store and index the data. We are making use of scalable, managed services to ensure the service scales reliably. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit

  • Does API 3.0 work with RemoteVerify?

    Yes, you’ll just need to use a RemoteVerify enabled profile as before

  • Is there a Sandbox environment?

    Yes, all the existing sandbox services continue to work with API 3.

  • What is the expiry time for the bearer token It is currently 30 minutes.

    You are not limited to a single token, we do not invalidate old requests before they expire

  • Can I use my existing API keys Yes, these will all work as before?

    We recommend undertaking testing before moving your production loads

  • Can you do a document check using just document number? Or does the API require the MRZ number from a passport for example?

    It depends on the type of check. We can screen document numbers against the Amberhill dataset for fake and fraudulent documents. Unfortunately, the passport office does not provide a service to verify whether a document number is genuine at this time.

  • Is there a rate limit for requests?

    Yes. There is a limit of 300 requests per 5-minute window. If you send a burst of 300 requests you will then have to wait 5 minutes for the limit to reset

  • What QA support can I have?

    We offer the same level of support for migration as we did for your initial integration. We believe that the transition for clients will be straightforward in most cases.

  • How do I do live testing?

    We strongly encourage clients to carry out sandbox testing first. If you do not have a sandbox account please contact support in the first instance for set up.

  • Will you provide out of hours support during a cutover?

    We do not provide out of hours support at this time. If you have specific requirements you should contact Luke O’Reilly

  • Have you measured latency vs old service?

    We have undertaken a variety of performance & load tests on the new service. We are able to handle larger loads smoothly without impacting performance for all clients. The architecture is now asynchronous so instead of long-running requests we will process loads and trigger a callback when the check is complete, enabling you to manage to process more efficiently.

  • Will you support asynchronous process in future, we preferred that process

    We have retained the ability to poll as well as support for a callback. We may introduce a separate synchronous process in future for transactions that do not include a document. Our new architecture is designed to enable us to build the capability to handle 3rd party data service failures transparently in future

  • Will there be an option to undertake a check against Charities, which can then be crossed referenced against what is listed on the Charities Commission website?

    We continually review new data sets. We do not currently provide charity commission data but may do so in the future depending on our product roadmap