Benefits of the Digital Identity Trust Framework for onboarding processes

Digital Identity Trust Framework for Onboarding Processes

The UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework, from DCMS (Department for Culture, Media and Sport), enables businesses to use certified providers of digital onboarding solutions. Employers and landlords/letting agents can remove time-consuming onboarding cases by adopting digital processes. Particularly where individuals are not in scope to use the Home Office online services. Instead, they can be onboarded swiftly, saving the organisation time and resources against manual processes. It also improves the experience for the employee or tenant to create a great first impression.

Digital onboarding to save time and money

The new DCMS framework requires providers to meet stringent criteria in order to become certified. Employers that regularly onboard staff, with some of those being from overseas, can use the software provided by a certified IDSP (Identity Service Provider) to save valuable time. By removing the need for manual verification of identity documents, onboarding can be reduced to minutes. Access to the digital solution can be from anywhere at any time removing the need for face-to-face verification.

Using software from an IDSP can also save you having to tie up valuable and expensive resources that are often scarce. If you have to onboard people within a given timeframe, the last thing you need is to chase around for identity verification. 

Digital right to work checks

Using right to work onboarding software from NorthRow relieves the burden of manually processing a raft of applicants. As a certified IDSP, the regulators are confident in our processes which reduces the possibility of costly fines or audits which can be up to £20k.

The software removes the element of human error and streamlines processes. However good your staff are, there is always an issue when the team is under extreme volume and time pressure.

NorthRow certified as an IDSP

NorthRow have met the necessary criteria and are one of the first certified IDSPs – gaining their certificate in October 2022. Please visit our blog page for other articles on the new legislation from October 1st 2022 on the use of IDSPs for digital onboarding

NorthRow can provide you with guidance and advice on the new Digital Identity Trust Framework and its requirements for onboarding. For more information and further support , get in touch

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