Contemi partners with NorthRow to Accelerate Client Onboarding

Contemi partners with NorthRow to Accelerate Client Onboarding

NorthRow’s RegTech SaaS solution fully integrates its automated customer verification capabilities with Contemi’s Onboarding Platform.

The integration between WIN and our API will enable Contemi clients and financial services institutions to provide a frictionless customer onboarding experience whilst maintaining compliance with a wide range of complex regulatory regulations, for example, Anti Money Laundering (AML) legislation.

Automated verification and monitoring will accelerate client onboarding and significantly reduce the ongoing regulatory burden for Contemi clients. Using NorthRow Advance frees up time for compliance teams as they configure and manage their individual risk strategies in the platform to then automatically onboard clients whilst remaining fully compliant with increasingly complex regulatory requirements.

Rick Browne, Global CEO at Contemi Group commented “By partnering with NorthRow, we remain committed to ensuring that our clients have access to the latest tools available to enhance their customer experience and providing end-to-end client lifecycle management from a single integrated solution. We are looking to take our solution to Asia where the manual challenges of onboarding are the same as they are in the UK. The integration with NorthRow can only help us to sell our solution across markets.”

Adrian Black, CEO, NorthRow added “We’re excited to partner with Contemi Solutions, helping them improve and extend their customer onboarding and monitoring capabilities, ensuring continued compliance and efficiency for their clients in a constantly changing regulatory environment. Our API solution is easily integrated into partner systems such as WIN to automate and simplify verification and monitoring tasks, on both entities and individuals, at key points in client lifecycle workflows.”

About Contemi

Contemi solutions has been a leading provider of full function platforms and ‘best of breed’ modular solutions to the financial services and insurance industries for more than 25 years. It presently supports over 50 customers in 11 countries. This is achieved with a team of 200 employees spread across seven offices, including 4 developments centres, strategically positioned to ensure local support across global time zones.

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