Introducing WorkStation

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Introducing Workstation – the daily tool of choice for Compliance teams

We recognise that our customers are under pressure to deliver digital transformation from many angles and are now looking for digital solutions to streamline their processes.

Our new WorkStation platform introduces an industry specific, feature-driven platform to deliver on all the above challenges, and enhances compliance visibility and collaboration at scale.

We have over 10 years’ experience of delivering compliance solutions, to the likes of Open Banking, CashFlows, Mitchell & Butlers and Knight Frank, to name but a few. WorkStation builds on this experience within the regulatory market, and allows compliance teams to oversee and control their compliance workflows from one single point of access. With a powerful single API and integration into powerful data sources, regulated businesses can not only deliver on their daily compliance tasks, but also gain valuable insight on key metrics within the business, to inform future decisions. Over the last few years, regulated businesses have had to accelerate their digital experiences with customers, often impacting on the compliance team and requiring additional resources. For businesses that are looking for growth, and onboarding and monitoring more customers, the burden and risk associated with ensuring regulatory compliance increases exponentially.

Accelerate your growth safely​

WorkStation is fully configurable

WorkStation is fully configurable to clients’ risk appetites, with over 600 rules able to be tailored to specific needs. Accessible through either API, UI or a hybrid of both, usability and interoperability with existing systems is easy, with integration times in the order of days and no material PS fees.

Using leading technologies, to deliver facial recognition and ‘liveness’ checking as part of the IDV process (to GPG45 standard), as well as global person, company (including UBO) and document coverage, WorkStation provides outstanding benefits, to the onboarding, and ongoing monitoring, of clients’ customers.

Our focus has always been on helping our customers to drive their growth and meet regulatory compliance to avoid expensive fines. We have access to unparalleled data and our workflows are matched to the risk-rule needs of the customer. Using WorkStation will allow our customers to access each stage of the customer lifecycle ensuring compliance throughout the entire Client Due Diligence process.

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