NorthRow Partners with Altergaia to Provide Know Your Customer (KYC) Onboarding via the Salesforce KYC App Exchange

NorthRow Partners with Altergaia

Salesforce KYC allows organisations, who use salesforce as their CRM solution, to perform real-time KYC verification on their prospects or contacts held within Salesforce. 

Passport KYC delivers robust identity and document verification on international companies and individuals, whilst providing a comprehensive risk-score and detailed report for review and a full audit trail to help ensure regulatory compliance.

All client verification, data and related documents can now be completed and stored within Salesforce to increase the efficiency of your client onboarding processes, improve due diligence, and reduce your time to revenue whilst delivering compliance.

Passport KYC, not only helps you onboard your customers swiftly and with confidence, but it also efficiently and accurately remediates and updates existing client data so that you can ensure they remain within your risk appetite.

Passport KYC

The Passport KYC app allows you to segment your prospects by their given risk score. The app instantly delivers a pass / fail risk result in realtime, accelerating the client due diligence process. Passport KYC reduces compliance slowdown of high-risk customers and jurisdictions by flagging anything that needs further investigation with a full report, helping to ensure you cease engaging with customers outside of your risk appetite.

All existing client data within Salesforce can easily be remediated via Passport KYC, helping ensure you continue to meet the latest and future regulatory compliance requirements.

Passport KYC uses multiple high-quality, commercial third-party data sources, and integrates into NorthRow’s single API connection. The risk-based rule engine provides workflow decision making and a full audit trail to safeguard your business.

Simple integration within your Salesforce CRM 

Passport KYC is fully integrated with and is available through Salesforce App Exchange at a click of a button. Designed to be simple to deploy and adjust, it provides a risk appetite using Green, Amber and Red traffic lights. “Staying in the Green” when customer data matches known parameters allows immediate, safe onboarding and conclusion of the deal. Amber escalates to a compliance function and Red triggers SAR (Suspicious Activity Reporting) or similar reporting.

Single API solution for your onboarding and compliance 

NorthRow offers instant access to the international corporate, entity and personal data via its single API to help facilitate increased efficient client onboarding and monitoring. Developers can deliver a solution faster with just one supplier contract to manage. Our breadth of coverage includes territories in Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, Latin America, North America and the United Arab Emirates.

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