NorthRow Are Exhibiting at Money 20/20 Europe in Amsterdam (June 3-5)

Money 20/20 Europe in Amsterdam (June 3-5)

Meet us at the stand H97 to learn how we can streamline your client onboarding journey

Money 20 / 20 is the biggest FinTech event in Europe and takes place on June 3rd next in Amsterdam.

The conference aims to deliver the insights organisations need to help them stay abreast with the latest developments that are set to revolutionise the broader financial services industry including verticals like payments.

NorthRow have identified the 6 key questions s from this year’s agenda that we believe will be most important in terms of the impact they will have  in the year ahead and beyond.

1/ Banking Transformation -How will incumbents effectively compete with international tech giants who are disrupting the status quo?.

2/ Platform Ecology – How will regulation disrupt the Open banking revolution and impact the growth in API integrations?

3/ Data Driven Innovation – How can cloud technology help navigate the massive amount of data being generated by companies particularly in a post PSD2 world ?

4/ Transformational Technology -How will  policy-makers and leading regulatory authorities manage the ethical implications of AI?

5/ Identity & Authentication – How government initiatives are revolutionising secure citizen identity and providing access to the formal financial system.

6/ Regulation & Compliance – How will innovations in compliance technologies align with regulation ranging from dealing with the complexities of cryptocurrency through to ever more sophisticated  fraud?

Insights from these key areas will go along way in helping shape the strategies for leading FI’s in the year ahead.

NorthRow Launching New Remote Verify at Money 20 /20

The NorthRow team are excited to be showcasing our suite of AML/KYC and KYB solutions at stand H97.

We will also be launching our new Remote Verify at the Event. NorthRow’s Remote Verify solution offers a completely streamlined and AML compliant business onboarding experience. Our Remote Verify allows you to perform real-time and robust AML, KYC and IDV checks on all parties involved for business onboarding, completely remotely.

Meet NorthRow At Stand H97

If you are interested in learning more about how we can simplify your complex compliance checks and improve operational efficiency while streamlining your onboarding process please schedule a meet with one of our team.

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