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Unlock NorthRow insights into your compliance journeys

Knowing Your Customer is no longer sufficient. You need to be able to understand your customer throughout their lifecycle in order to safeguard the business from risk exposure. Using NorthRow Insights enables your business to utilise a single data source to unlock insight into your compliance data from onboarding through to ongoing monitoring to ensure continued Client Due Diligence.

Proactive Compliance

Our research shows that 90% of compliance costs sit within just 10% of compliance cases – but knowing that 10% can be difficult to achieve. 63% of attendees at our recent ‘Amber Management’ webinar shared that they do not have visibility of their ‘Amber’, (also known as ambiguous), cases.

NorthRow Insights will identify these cases in real-time via its intuitive cloud-based application and highly configurable dashboards.  Your business will be able to access real-time results to assess where your compliance cases sit; analyse trends; deploy the right resources and produce valuable management and business reporting on demand in order to make operational and cost savings.

With NorthRow Insights your compliance can transform from being reactive to a proactive.  

Reduce manual referrals to increase operational efficiency

“When it comes to compliance, the majority of costs sit within a reasonably condensed portion of ambiguous cases. We call these ‘Ambers’. Ambers need active attention, management and resolution. We call this process ‘Amber Management’. Without a clear understanding of the scale and size of your Amber Management activities, compliance leaders can’t create a frictionless, efficient and robust compliance process. That’s why we launched NorthRow Insights, a series of data-driven insights dashboards to help compliance teams understand more about their Ambers and the points of friction/manual effort within their compliance process flows. Anton Zdziebczok, Chief Product Officer at NorthRow.

Key benefits

The NorthRow Insights dashboards will enable compliance teams to-

–      Reduce manual referrals

–       Measure auto-decision percentages

–       Deliver Red, Amber, Green (RAG) ratios

–       Flag cases that require manual intervention

–       Deliver real-time results

–       Generate configurable management and business reporting information

–        Reduce CDD delivery times

–       Avoid costly and lengthy remediation projects

–       Make operational savings in terms of costs and efficiencies

–       Provide improved customer experience

Book a NorthRow Insights Demo

Our new Insights functionality enables you to unlock detailed data so you can efficiently manage those cases that are not immediately assigned; automate the decision-making process; reduce manual intervention and ultimately improve your customer’s experience. Book a demo now to learn more.

Proactive approach to compliance

Unlike traditional retrospective risk assessment and delivery, NorthRow Insights effectively enables risk professionals to proactively detect and continuously monitor their risk. It is not just a daily tool for compliance teams, but also a valuable asset that enables strategic compliance decisions for the future. 

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