The Kalifa Review

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Our CEO Adam Holden on why he chose to help progress the implementation of the Kalifa Review:

“I supported the Kalifa Review because I fundamentally believe in the key recommendations that it announced. In particular, I believe that the focus on developing new skills and talent in the UK among people who have been displaced from other mature or declining industries, as well as people at the start of their careers, is imperative to the country’s continued success. FinTech and RegTech offer enormous opportunities in this regard given the momentum these industries have gained over the last ten years in the UK. The increase in global demand for services that they can deliver, as more of the world comes “online”, means that the UK FinTech and RegTech industries have an incredible opportunity to solve problems on the world stage.

In addition, within the UK itself, the digital-first nature of FinTech is an excellent enabler of better skills and wealth distribution. In line with the “levelling up” agenda, regions right across the country have the ability to become leading hubs. This brings direct and indirect growth to areas potentially at risk of decline, or in a state of irrational imbalance compared to the South East.

As well as the other recommendations for focus and improvement, these priorities must attract continued attention. This will ensure we can be proud of tangible progress during the second year since the Review’s launch”.

Read the Open Letter from FinTech CEOs and Founders from Innovate Finance’s Membership Community here.

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