NorthRow Accepted to Join UK Trade Mission to Amsterdam

NorthRow Accepted to Join UK Trade Mission to Amsterdam

The Department for International Trade (DIT) has accepted NorthRow to join their UK trade mission to Amsterdam.

NorthRow was selected along with leading UK FinTechs including Currency Cloud, Cube, OakNorth and Clause Match.

The mission is taking place from 13th-14th of March and will take place in Amsterdam’s main financial hub, Zuidas.

The Trade Mission will consist of pitches, meetups and networking events. Leading figures from a range of Dutch companies will be in attendance including representatives from major banks, insurance companies, pension funds, asset managers and venture capitalists.

Adrian Black, NorthRow’s CEO commented: “We are pleased that we have been accepted for the Department of International Trade Mission to Amsterdam. Our solution is a perfect match for Dutch companies that need to onboard clients whilst meeting stringent AML and MiFID II regulations. We are looking forward to showcasing our solutions and expertise to the Dutch market.”

Financial Regulatory Landscape in the Netherlands

After the 2008 financial crisis we have seen an immense shift in Dutch regulatory law. Dutch financial services and institutions have been subject to a complex set of regulatory rules and requirements, which has increased compliance costs, slowed client onboarding processes and eroded margins.

How NorthRow Can Help?

No financial institution can with absolute certainty, immediately determine if they can retain or onboard a new client. NorthRow has partnered with muinmos to do just this.

Our combined solution offers a fully automated client onboarding solution, enabling instant regulatory and AML compliance.

NorthRow’s solution verifies and clears all KYC requirement including AML, PEPs, Sanctions, and ID verification of individuals and corporate entities.

Muinmos offer comprehensive client categorisations, suitability and appropriateness, cross-border clearance (per MiFID II and equivalent). Allowing investment firms to instantly determine whether they can onboard a client, no matter the service, product, or location.

In short, the solution reduces the onboarding time to a matter of minutes and at a fraction of the cost of alternative approaches. The integration between NorthRow and muinmos means that clients can obtain both solutions via a single interface, making client onboarding a one-stop solution.

If you want to learn more on NorthRow’s partnership with muinmos, contact the team today.

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