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Canopy needed a streamlined onboarding experience that saved renters both time and money, whilst ensuring that property owners had a reliable level of security.

NorthRow helps Canopy to carry out automated AML, Right to Rent and ID documents checks on both renters and landlords, to ensure an efficient and robust process.

Read the case study to learn more.

Key Benefits You Will Learn About Include:

  • Automated Right-to-Rent and AML Checks

  • Automated Identity Verification checks and document storage

  • Streamlined onboarding and reduced costs

  • Help ensure ongoing compliance with 4MLD & Immigration law


Clients We Help Include


Flexible Solutions to Integrate into Your Onboarding Workflow

With access to one of the largest databases of screening information available in the UK, NorthRow’s technology can perform comprehensive identity verification checks on People, Companies and ID documents in a matter of seconds. NorthRow’s API can be embedded into your current online / offline client onboarding processes including :

SAAS-Console (2).png
  • integrated into a website sign-up form

  • via your web or mobile application

  • as part of an interview process for example during a face-to-face meeting

  • via your own bespoke software with API capability


"NorthRow’s flexibility and ability to customise the data sets and risk scorecards to meet different use cases and challenges from the client are a great match; by leveraging technology, we’re improving operational efficiency and helping them to reduce fraud and ensure regulatory compliance.”

Richard Ingles, Head of Client Development, NorthRow