CashFlows Payments

Enabling CashFlows to maximise payment success with accelerated.


CashFlows, an industry-leading payments platform, wanted to distinguish itself from its competitors by providing a fast and seamless onboarding experience, whilst adhering to the highest compliance standards.

Given CashFlows onboarding challenges, NorthRow was able to configure
its automated API driven-solution, to deliver efficient client verification on
international companies and individuals, whilst delivering regulatory compliance.

NorthRow’s market-leading solution provides comprehensive verification on company financials, shareholder and ownership data. All companies and directors are routinely monitored against PEPs and Sanction lists to ensure ongoing AML compliance.

CashFlows are alerted to any changes in company structure, beneficial ownership or directorships, as well as changes requiring re-verification or enhanced due diligence, to ensure 24/7 compliance.


  • Integration with SalesForce
  • Significant reduction in client onboarding times
  • Reduced time to revenue
  • Scalable solution to meet growth demands

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