Learn How NorthRow Automates Compliance for CashFlows

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CashFlows’ payment solutions enable businesses to accept multi-channel payments from all major card schemes and to issue innovative prepaid products to their customer base.

NorthRow provides CashFlows with an automated AML, KYC, KYB and IDV checks via a single API interface, helping to streamline client onboarding, improve efficiencies and increase revenue.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Automated checks streamline client onboarding

  • Real-time results and automatic client monitoring

  • Complex checks are simplified

  • All clients checks are available through NorthRow’s single CRM

Key Clients Include


Key Features:



“With NorthRow, we have completely automated the manual work needed to perform our client due diligence. NorthRow allows us to meet our compliance obligations with ease, while providing a seamless client onboarding experience. We found a direct correlation between using NorthRow to help us reduce the complexity of onboarding and getting more users and customers.”

Matthew Goodes, Operations Account Manager, Cashflows