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Trade instantly. Automate classification, suitability and appropriateness assessments on your clients, so they can begin trading instantly, whilst you remain compliant with MiFID II or other global regulations.


Challenges of MiFID II compliance

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However, a lack of efficiency and understanding of how to classify the clients, and how to conduct these checks, can massively increase the risk of providing an inappropriate service. This enables the client to trade inappropriately, resulting in non-compliance with MiFID II (and other global regulations) which can result in the reversal of trades, fines and ultimately destroy the firm’s reputation. NorthRow provides a solution without spending your entire revenue on international lawyers and compliance officers, or sacrificing the client experience.

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Classification automation

client suitability

We have partnered with global RegTech specialist, muinmos to deliver a complete onboarding solution to our clients. The muinmos PASS regulatory engine instantly maps a financial institution’s regulatory permissions across the globe, enabling users to perform accurate, risk-free processing of their clients in terms of classification, suitability and appropriateness on each product and service offered and cross border clearances. This, together with built-in governance workflows, which are essential for senior management and regulators, protects any financial institution from mis-selling.

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Single client journey

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By deploying a digital onboarding solution through a combination of muinmos’ automated client classification, suitability and appropriateness and NorthRow’s client identity verification to ensure AML compliance, you can deliver a great customer experience. Our agile solution is built to adapt to the ever-changing regulatory environment, giving you the confidence to continually meet your compliance obligations, so you can focus on driving your business forward. With a single point of contact, your business can focus on what it does best.

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Client Stories Trade UK Limited is the world’s largest retail forex provider by volume. They partnered with NorthRow and muinmos to deliver a completely digital onboarding experience for their clients whilst adhering to the highest compliance standards to distinguish themselves from its competitors.

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We work with our clients to digitally transform their onboarding, monitoring and compliance processes.