Real-Time Company Monitoring

Take immediate action. Corporate clients require active monitoring on an ongoing basis to ensure continued Anti-money Laundering (AML) compliance. Save time screening clients with accelerated KYC onboarding and more efficient monitoring.


Easily identify client risk

company monitoring

Time and money spent on ensuring compliance for initial due diligence can be wasted if you do not monitor the risk on an ongoing basis. Save time and reduce the incidences of false-positive reports when detecting for PEPs, risky clients or maligned companies with the NorthRow solution. With automation set to continue, we understand that future-proofing is vital so we ensure you continue to manage your risk with our automated and scalable solution to continue the digital transformation of your business.

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Monitor global companies

company monitoring

We have included functionality to improve and simplify international company monitoring for our clients. We continually increase our international datasets, coverage and the company status/events that we track, monitor and alert you to through a single API.

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Master reporting and measurement

company monitoring

Our solution ensures access to the highest-quality global and domestic databases to maximise efficiency, improve client experience and mitigate your business risk. Configured to monitor your risk criteria you can select the risks that matter to your business. Our solution will remember previous risks and will only show relevant new risks. Unlike our competitors, for UK companies, we not only tell you of a change in directors or beneficial ownership but also the name of the new director or owner.

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Real-time alerts and case management

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Real-time alerts will enable you to react quickly to highlighted risks ensuring your business is continually compliant with AML obligations. Our intuitive Portal will provide email alerts with clear case management instructions for you to prioritise and deploy enhanced due diligence. You will have the ability to review potential matches quickly and easily with consolidated summary profiles; manage cases, team workflow and maintain your audit trail in the platform, whilst syncing seamlessly with your internal systems via our single API.

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Clients we have worked with

We work with our clients to digitally transform their onboarding, monitoring and compliance processes.