We Help The Construction Sector With Employee Right to Work Checks

The UK construction sector is heavily reliant on overseas workers, and while many of these workers often are working in the UK legally there is a growing incidence of illegal labour.

The UK government is now cracking down on illegal workers in the UK, and has been running ‘Operation Magnify’ within the construction industry targeting companies employing ‘lower-skilled’ labour to ensure Right to Work compliance and checking processes are in place for the identification of potential illegal workers.

The are now harsher punishments for businesses found non-compliant including fines of £20,000 per illegal employee, ‘on-the-spot’ closure and even prison sentences for directors.

Many construction companies rely on time-consuming, costly and manual processes such as photocopying ID documents to try and adhere to the ever-changing and increasingly complex UK ‘Right to Work’ legislation. This is often inefficient and unmanageable. More importantly, with manual processes there is no guarantee of preventing fraudulent documents from penetrating the business. As the focus on regulation enforcement continues to rise, along with the increase in size of fines imposed and the potential for reputational damage, Right to Work checks are now critical to the employee onboarding process.

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