Simplify Your Client Onboarding with Automated Check

NorthRow's single API solution automates AML, KYB, KYC and IDV checks on people, companies & ID documents. You simply plug and play, and we do the rest, giving you instant access to a world of the international corporate entity and personal data. We back this up with a managed service capability to ensure that when enhanced due diligence is required you are also covered.

NorthRow will reduce client onboarding times, enhancing customer experience, increasing operational efficiency whilst providing a verifiable audit trail to help ensure compliance.

How NorthRow’s Single API Solution Simplifies Your Onboarding Processes


How We Work?

Automating parts of the client onboarding process are vital to ensuring a positive client experience. Delivering an efficient onboarding process is increasingly becoming a major source of competitive advantage for regulated firms looking to accelerate revenue while remaining compliant. Watch the animation below to learn how NorthRow's Single API can reduce onboarding times while delivering a great client experience.


Learn How to Reduce Your Client Onboarding Time to Just 7 Days


NorthRow works with leading financial services, FinTech and regulated firms to automate AML, KYC and IDV checks (as well as client suitability and appropriateness checks), while also offering a managed service capability for enhanced client due diligence.

Our solution set helps to cut client onboarding times to a mere 7 days in our experience, whilst also saving money and improving the client onboarding experience.

Download our latest case study on how we helped The Open Banking Implementation Entity to automate their IDV checks, as part of their client onboarding process.

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"As the world’s largest provider of flexible work spaces we needed to implement a robust customer on-boarding solution that would be fast enough to meet customer demands but also secure enough to ensure that all compliance requirements were met or exceeded. Through our partnership with NorthRow, we have achieved peace-of-mind in performing routine checks when onboarding customers, the ongoing monitoring of customers also ensures we mitigate risk throughout the business relationship."
Michelle Valentine, UK Operations Director, Regus