Data Suppliers

Better vendor due diligence has long been recognised as the key to unlocking the potential of financial crime controls, helping establish business continuity and communication between shared data.

Supplier Background

A data supplier (or data vendor or data provider) is an organisation or business that provides data for use or consumption by third parties.

In line with this, a vital component of the NorthRow product is its ability to consume data from various providers and use that, alongside the business rules and logic within the system, to help customers make decisions about individuals or entities they wish to onboard within their system.

NorthRow has three key data providers that are closely coupled and are used in over 90% of the checks undertaken within the system.


LexisNexis has been connecting customers around the globe to critical data with its innovative research technology platform since 1983. With access to their extensive datasets, LexisNexis has become our core provider of UK identify and address validation data, such as credit reference agency and electoral register data.

  • Over 60,000 trusted legal, news, and public records sources
  • Global legal and information database containing 139 billion documents and records
  • 1.9 million legal documents are added daily, helping to optimise global expansion


Acuris, a worldwide trusted and independent provider of data intelligence, is our core source of risk data, specifically for PEPs, Sanctions and Adverse Media. These elements contribute to most of our platform’s checks and are considered essential for the process.

  • 1,300 staff, including 600 specialist journalists and analysts, in 67 locations around the world
  • An independent provider of data intelligence specialising in Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Corruption and Cybersecurity
  • Developed KYC6, a highly effective online portal that provides compliance teams with key capabilities of individuals


Creditsafe is our supplier for company data, holding a global database containing insights on more than 365 million businesses, directors and shareholders worldwide. Upon a company check within our platform, they are provided with actionable insight at their fingertips.

  • The founder and administrator of a global network of leading commercial credit reference agencies
  • Maintaining credit information on over 365 million businesses across the globe with live data streams for over 70 countries
  • The industry’s largest wholly owned database provides accurate and reliable data to over 200,000 subscribers across the globe

Having multiple sources from data providers gives us access to a rich vein of in-depth, accurate and complete information about prospective clients across the globe. This information can help you make faster decisions and the required touch points to make essential decisions that will stem from critical activities within your company.

With Lexis Nexis, Acuris and Creditsafe supporting our platforms, we unlock a whole new medium of coverage for our data acquisition, boosting productivity maximisation and accessible insights from the off.

Anton Zdziebczok, Chief Product Officer

Why NorthRow

NorthRow brings together market-leading compliance and verification technologies into a single, simple interface, accessible anywhere, any time. This empowers compliance officers to make faster decisions, reduce the need for siloed systems and onboard customers in seconds, not days. The additional time saved unlocks more time to focus on the single most important task – growing their business safely.

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Client Stories


Regus is the world’s largest provider of flexible workspaces: both virtual and serviced. They wanted to introduce a best-in-class customer onboarding process, to ensure compliance and exceed the requirements of various regulators.

Got a Question?

  • What do you do with our data?

    At NorthRow we take security very seriously, we adhere to the highest, rigorous standards for data, privacy and security compliance. The data you send us is only used to verify your client’s identities and businesses. We never use it for any other purpose. We send it to third parties to complete the checks, and we can share our list of sub-processors with you so that you have full transparency of how your data is used.

  • How do you test your services?

    Our products are tested continuously throughout our development process by a team of internal QA engineers. In addition to the application testing we regularly scan for vulnerabilities using third party services and undertake annual detailed penetration testing. We continually monitor new vulnerabilities and proactively work to ensure that we are protected.

  • Where is our data held?

    We host our services within the EU on Amazon Web Services. The data is encrypted in transit and at rest using AES-256 keys. Almost all of our sub-processors are also hosted within the EU. However, we will advise you if you need a service that is not based in the EU.

  • What about service availability?

    NorthRow makes use of the Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to ensure we do not have a single point of failure in our architecture. All the data we hold and the services we provide are backed up at regular intervals to protect against disruption or loss of data.

  • What assurances do you provide?

    We provide multiple independent assurances to ensure your data is safe. We are independently audited and certified for ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus. We carry out full penetration tests at least once a year, and perform regular vulnerability scans across all services. Every release is subjected to multiple rounds of automated and manual testing. We also benefit from the assurances of our cloud providers.

  • How fast can I be up and running?

    Typically, we get our clients live within 14 days of them signing a contract.

Compliance certifications and regulations

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