Digital Onboarding for Financial Services

Transformation is key. Reduce the time and effort it takes to onboard your clients, improving their experience and creating a positive perception of your business whilst delivering the highest levels of regulatory compliance.

Balance compliance and experience

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Traditional ways of form filling are long gone for customers who want to be onboarded quickly. Customer expectations are changing with the increase of technology adoption and the advent of multiple touchpoints, but so too are regulatory requirements.

NorthRow’s Digital client onboarding and identity verification solutions are essential if you want to improve customer acquisition, reduce abandonment rates, increasing customer satisfaction, reduce time to revenue, as well as achieving compliance.

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Who we help?

We digitally transform client onboarding and compliance processes for a range of financial services.

Building Societies

Commercial Banks

FX Traders

Investment Banks


SME Lenders

Digitally transform onboarding, monitoring & remediation for financial services

financial services

Compliance teams within financial services can use a wide-range of onboarding and monitoring tools via our single API solution, from biometric facial recognition and liveness detection, through to automated KYC verification on international companies and individuals. If you are regulated by MiFID II, we also provide fully automated client classification, suitability, appropriateness and cross border assessments on your clients. 

Our goal is to ensure you transform every stage of your customer onboarding and monitoring journey.

Why NorthRow

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Highly configurable 

Our solutions are highly configurable, with each tool being able to be deployed independently or as a combination, to ensure each stage of your customer journey is as seamless as possible whilst meeting all relevant compliance requirements.  

Single technology relationship 

Using NorthRow’s technology you can meet all your digital transformation needs with one supplier, one API and one contract, quickly and stress-free. We will manage relevant updates and share our dashboard so that you can see the results you choose in real-time. 

Continued compliance

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Superior customer experience

Security is part of our DNA. We have a passion for supporting business maintain compliance whilst delivering great customer experience. Our teams will work alongside you to deliver a superior solution. The deployment of the solution is backed by a support team that undertake regular structured training provided by the ICA ‘International Compliance Association’.

Ongoing Monitoring

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Clients we have worked with

We work with our clients to digitally transform their onboarding, monitoring and compliance processes.