Frequently Asked Questions

The following answers cover our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered below please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


WIll my credit score be affected by a Northrow check?

No, your credit score will not be affected by any of the NorthRow checks. We do not share your credit or any other information but only use it for NorthRow checks.

Can I do a credit check?

Company yes, Individual no, we use credit accounts as address verification, its a soft footprint.

How do I access Westfield ID Verification service?

Please use the link below to access Westfield’s ID verification service.

For other matters regarding Westfields’ ID verification or any other NorthRow’s client checks or services do not hesitate to contact our support (at)

Right to Work Mobile App.png

How do I access your Right to Work mobile app?

Please use the buttons below to download NorthRow Right to Work app for your mobile device’s operating system.


Do you work internationally?

Yes, we have global coverage for multiple data sets.

What sort of data do I need on a individual to perform a check?

Depends on your required check, but normally Name, Gender, DOB, House No, Postcode is a good starting place.


What kind of company information can you provide?

NorthRow’s breadth of international data is greater than that offered by any single data supplier, and we are one of the very few UK based firms that has an intelligence-sharing agreement with law enforcement agencies.

Right to Work Mobile App.png

Do you work with mobile apps?

We do not have a mobile SDK, but you can use our REST API from any application.


Can we link to our CRM system?

Yes, using our REST API.

Can we use an API?

Yes, we have a REST API.


How long does the API integration take?

Typical integrations can be completed in 2 weeks. Some clients have completed it within a few days!

Can we test your API?

We provide a comprehensive sandbox service, which you can get access to by contacting our sales team.


Is your system secure?