Streamline Your Client Onboarding with NorthRow

NorthRow provides a single API solution to check and monitor both individuals and entities against multiple global and domestic databases in one go. Our solution automates AML, KYC and IDV checks essential for faster client onboarding.

Key Benefits:

Real-Time Checks on People, Companies & ID Documents

We provide a single global platform to verify and risk-score people, companies and ID documents. Our platform not only automates checks, essential for onboarding, but also aids organisations to monitor and log that their policies are followed to support audit and investigation processes.

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NorthRow’s risk and compliance solutions provide organisations with a complete picture of the people [and companies] they are looking to deal with, enabling them to make instant decisions about who they do business with. This helps them to increase operational efficiency and improve customer experience and retention through better client engagement.

Multiple Data Sets via A Single API

We offer an unparalleled breadth of rich data and the flexibility to incorporate data feeds from as many sources as necessary. In addition to our partnerships with leading commercial data providers, NorthRow is one of a few UK-based firms that have an intelligence-sharing agreement with law enforcement agencies.

  • We can validate the details of over 250 million companies in real-time, from over 100 countries

  • We can also check company LEI data for firms subject to MiFID II

  • We can validate identity documents from over 200 countries

  • We can access 180+ government registers and public records

  • Global PEP & Sanction Registers with over 65 billion data records

  • International Address Verification from over 100 countries

  • Intelligence agreement with Law Enforcement partners to reduce business risk and identify forged documents

Easily Integrates into Your Existing Workflow

In a complex regulatory environment an AML solution that is flexible, comprehensive, and that provides user control over rules and thresholds, is vital. NorthRow offers a range of flexible options including a SaaS application and a Single API.

Depending on your client onboarding workflow, you can choose the option that will best serve your business needs, or you can choose a hybrid option of both on-site and SaaS solutions.


Single API: NorthRow’s Single AP can integrate easily with your existing online forms, and can check a variety of international ID documents including; Passports, Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs), Visas and National ID cards.

SaaS Application: NorthRow provides a SaaS App in addition to its Single API. Compliance teams can use the application to review checks, to download PDF reports and to add notes for audit & case management. All data is secure and user account access requires two-factor authentication ensuring security giving the client peace of mind.

Key Clients Include

Key Features:


"After looking into various identity verification providers we have chosen NorthRow because it has the combined AML, KYB and KYC capability we are looking for, whilst also being the best fit commercially and culturally. With NorthRow we are able to automate our checking processes and we are alerted to any changes in our customers’ status, which is critical to ensuring we fulfil our regulatory obligations and make the customer onboarding process reliable and faster."

Martin Threakall, CTO - Modulr