We perform automated AML & KYC checks on people, companies & ID documents, to help our clients optimise their business processes, reduce risk and to help ensure compliance


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NorthRow’s comprehensive data and risk scoring platform powers real-time checks on people, companies and ID documents, helping to ensure that regulated firms remain fully compliant when onboarding their customers or employees.

1. NorthRow provides an automated highly configurable compliance solution for organisations across most industries.

2. We work with wide range of commercial data suppliers and law enforcement agencies, to offer comprehensive online identity verification and AML checks.

3. We also help companies manage the complexity of onboarding and the monitoring of their customers.

4. We offer an unparalleled breadth of rich data, from multiple data sources, through an easily integrated single API.

In summary, by performing KYC and AML checks, along with offering customer onboarding solutions and ID verification services, we help businesses to efficiently protect themselves from financial crime, from failures to comply with related legislation and from other related risks.


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Case Studies

Blend Network Case Study

NorthRow provides Blend Network with fast, secure and compliant ID verification and AML checks on borrowers and investors, streamlining the client onboarding journey.

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CashFlows Case Study

NorthRow provides CashFlows with an automated AML, KYC, KYB and IDV checks via a single API interface, helping to streamline client onboarding, improve efficiencies and increase revenue.

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