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Digitally transform KYC Remediation in 2021

This year has been a time of economic and market volatility and recent events have left an enduring mark on your customers. Indeed, the customers you knew just a few months ago are not the same people today.

For compliance officers and business leaders, it has never been more important to understand who your customers are, their circumstance, and to ensure that the data you hold on them is sufficient, accurate and up-to-date. 

NorthRow hosted a KYC remediation webinar on Tuesday 3rd of November at 2 pm on how to implement digital-first, efficient remediation projects that save you money, time and resources.

Key topics

  • How to break the KYC remediation cycle 
  • Why you need to remediate client risk – not files 
  • How to avoid regulatory sanctions associated with poor data quality and controls
  • How digital transformation can deliver improved remediation programmes

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