Delivering Effective KYC Remediation & Reviews

Is your regulated business sitting on a back-book of Know Your Customer (KYC) data?

Due to the volatile market, the customers you have today may no longer be the customers you originally signed up to service. KYC Remediation will be critical to your compliance function in 2021.

With regulation continuing apace, many firms have outdated client data that can expose the business to reputational damage and commercial risk.

Download our latest opinion piece to learn how you can adopt a digital-first approach to reduce KYC and CDD backlogs, improve the customer experience, and achieve operational efficiencies, whilst mitigating risk.

Key takeaways

  • How to overcome key Remediation challenges
  • How to deliver an effective KYC Remediation strategy & process
  • Digital transformation of KYC periodic reviews
  • Looking into the future of Remediation

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