Intelligence Sharing with Law Enforcement

Intelligence is a vital tool in reducing fraud and financial crime in the commercial world. Wider sharing of data from reliable sources is the key to accessing the intelligence which can enable informed commercial decisions.

Most commercial organisations do not have ready access to the required level of data. Others may lack the proficiency required to use data efficiently to carry out essential checks.

As a trusted partner of a number of law enforcement agencies we have access to a wealth of intelligence. This privileged access enables us to offer some of the highest level data checks available.

Our business focused solutions use carefully curated intelligence to provide organisations with reliable, accurate, fast results for informed decision making in any commercial environment or industry sector.

Through partnerships with law enforcement agencies and globally respected data providers, we ensure the secure, controlled dissemination of appropriate information into the commercial sector. These relationships offer confidence, to customers and partners, of the controlled and wider spread use of intelligence to reduce fraudulent activity.

We are committed to improving the safe and measured use of intelligence and data sources through partnerships with more law enforcement agencies and data providers.


Key Benefits

Our solutions go above and beyond the standard checks giving high risk clients the confidence of a superior level of information for their commercial decisions.

1. Trusted partner of Law Enforcement Agencies

2. Trusted partner global data sources/providers

3. Provide high level data checks

4. Obtain access to restricted, privileged intelligence sources where appropriate

5. Secure, controlled dissemination of intelligence to combat fraud

6. Detection of known compromised document sources


"We help law enforcement agencies in the practical, controlled and secure dissemination of appropriate intelligence to commercial organisations. We also go above and beyond standard checks for discerning high risk clients, and liaise with law enforcement when necessary on our clients behalf."

Adrian Black, CEO & Founder