Validating People, Companies and Identity Documents for Regulated Businesses

Over the past few years there has been an increase in regulation and compliance throughout the world with the aims of increasing market transparency, and reducing corruption and terrorist financing.

However, this means companies across the global have to comply with an increasingly complex compliance requirements which can but a strain on resources and be very time consuming.

All industries have been affected and the governments and regulators are increasing their focus on enforcement, along with the increasing  in size of fines imposed for those found non-compliant. Regulations change – often frequently – meaning governance, risk management, and compliance requirements can also change. To complicate matters further, multiple regulations may emerge or change in the same time-frame – leading to a complex matrix of impacts to systems, projects, and processes.


Who we Help?

We help multiple industries with their highly complex compliance checking requirements

These include professional services firms including those in:

- Accountancy
- Financial services
- Legal services
- Property


How we Help?

NorthRow’s comprehensive data and risk scoring platform powers real-time checks on people, companies and ID documents, helping to ensure that regulated firms remain fully compliant when onboarding their customers or employees.

1. NorthRow provides an automated compliance solution for organisations across most industries.

2. We work with wide range of commercial data suppliers and law enforcement agencies, to offer comprehensive checks.

3. We also help companies manage the complexity of onboarding and the monitoring of their customers.

4. We offer an unparalleled breadth of rich data, from multiple data sources, through an easily integrated API.


How it Works?

We incorporate data feeds from as many sources as are necessary for your compliance challenges.

The platform simultaneously conducts all searches and delivers real-time results using sources appropriate to the search, reducing the potential for human error  - data is only input once

In short, we provide bespoke compliance solutions to navigate the ever-changing regulatory environment.

Key Benefits


"NorthRow supports and streamlines our employees’ onboarding processes whilst helping to ensure compliance with the latest Home Office legislation. We are now more confident in meeting Right to Work compliance obligations.”"
Nataile Hajzk-Clegg, HR & Compliance Officer, AM2PM