Our Story

We were founded as Contego Fraud Solutions in August 2010. Adrian Black, our CEO, worked as a Business Development Director for a division of DMGT (Daily Mail & General Trust plc.) and witnessed the impact that online fraud and financial crime was having on business. Deciding to take action, Adrian founded Contego with the mission to build solutions to help organisations combat fraud and financial crime. Adrian saw the need for businesses to combat growing levels of fraud using a single, integrated Application Programming Interface (API), which would act as a single point solution to multiple datasets that would increase business efficiency. With his knowledge in software consulting and close relations with the Metropolitan Police, Autotrader, eBay and many others, Contego was successfully launched. 

In 2011, we raised our first round of investment, from a number of seed angels and the Cass Entrepreneurship Fund. Contego grew quickly and identified a need to help workspace operators reduce fraud within the Virtual Office space and to achieve compliance with money laundering regulations. Contego partnered with 4 out of the top 5 operators and became the go-to-provider within the business centre market.  

In 2013 Contego raised a second investment round which allowed Contego expand its sales and marketing team in the UK and to accelerate revenue growth and to help secure partnerships with a number of well known, household brands including: Foxtons, Lend Invest and Westfield.

In 2016 Contego acquired Working Status, a Right-to-Work solution supported by an industry-leading immigration consultancy. This acquisition increased the range of clients that could be helped in an increasingly regulated world and served to broadens the expertise and capability of Contego.  

In July 2017, Maven Capital Partners, and NVM Private Equity, two of the UK’s leading private equity houses, led a £3.5 million investment in Contego, to support the continued growth of the business.

In February 2018, NorthRow Ltd was incorporated, and was announced as a key partner in the newly launched Open Banking initiatitive.

Alan Gleeson, Chief Marketing Officer


Our Values

Ethics: We strive for the highest ethical standards in all that we do

Integrity: We do the right thing

Quality: We do things right and are thorough in our approach

Transparency: Wherever possible, both internally, and with customers

Trust: We are proven in handling sensitive data and critical assignments

Support: Our team have the back of our clients and of one another

Innovative: We listen well and provide solutions to solve specific problems

Personal: We value our team and personal contact with our clients

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