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Streamline your Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and Sanctions checks as part of NorthRow’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance solution.

We can check individuals and entities against against a multitude of global and domestic databases via our single API. Download our PEPs & Sanction guide to learn more.

Key Benefits Include:

  • PEPs & Sanctions ongoing monitoring of individuals & entities

  • Ongoing compliance with 4th & 5th MLD

  • Reduces false positives to increase efficiency

  • Real-time alerts of stats changes for your customer due diligence

Key Clients Include


Automated PEPs & Sanctions Monitoring

NorthRow’s solution makes it easier to add people and entities automatically to your monitoring list, and to provide real-time alerts whenever there is a key change in the status, and details of that change so that you can rapidly assess the risk and take any action. A full audit record of checks made and any change in status that has been identified is retained so that you can easily demonstrate your continued compliance with the regulations.

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Key Checks Include:

  • Advanced Screening

  • Adverse Media

  • Politically Exposed Person

  • Current and Previous Sanctions

  • Law Enforcement

  • Financial Regulator

  • Disqualified Director


"Many of our clients were in need of a PEPs & Sanctions monitoring solutions that could reduce false positives, increase efficiencies and streamline client onboarding. After listening carefully we decided we have optimised our platform to ensure we continue to deliver the best tools and data to address our clients’ challenges."
Vanessa Richards, Chief Product Officer, NorthRow