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As a result of changes to the Immigration Law in February 2016 landlords and lettings agents are now required to check the immigration status of individuals to verify their right to be in the UK and therefore to rent property.

These Right to Rent checks apply to all potential tenants, and have been implemented to reduce fraud in the rental and lettings sector.  

The Challenges

Under the Immigration Act 2016, landlords or letting agents have to see, check and capture proof of identity from tenants, usually in the form of a passport, ID card or biometric residence permit. Letting Agents who fail to check a potential tenant’s immigration status can face criminal sanctions, including penalties of up to £3,000 per tenant.

Verifying that tenants have the right to rent in the UK adds an administrative burden and can be time consuming, resource intensive and expensive. Many letting agents currently have basic, manual processes in place to manage ‘Right to Rent’ (not always compliant or secure methods).

How NorthRow Helps

To remain competitive letting agents need to perform identity checks quickly and efficiently to allow them to rapidly onboard tenants and to improve overall engagement experience. NorthRow puts in place robust and complex checks on people, companies and ID documents to tackle fraud in the sector via a single automated real-time process.

We extract key information from documents to determine the nationality of the individual. Where secondary document checks are required (typically a visa or Biometric Residence Permit) we also check these to confirm a Right to Rent.  

Key Benefits

1. We can check a range ID documents including passport, ID card or biometric residence permit (BRPs).

2. Reduce administration and ensure that you have a robust Right to Rent processes

3. We store all documents checks on highly-secure cloud environment, which is encrypted at rest

4. Documents of particular concern can be sent for an expert review by an immigration specialist, who will do a comprehensive and robust check for signs of forgery.

5. Exceptional support on hand with advice and guidance

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