Improved Experience for your Property Clients

Gain competitive advantage. You can provide a friction free experience for your client’s with digital onboarding, whilst maintaining compliance, allowing you to focus on growing your business.


Gain a competitive advantage with digital onboarding


Traditional ways of visiting an office to submit ID will become a thing of the past as customers increase their expectations. Sources of ID can be submitted when convenient without attending your office.

We can automate a broad range of identity verification and managed services to ensure you minimise the risk of non-compliance through an easy to deploy and manage software platform. Whether you are onboarding a tenant, landlord, company, person or companies, we can verify in real-time reducing your business risk.

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Who we help

We provide client onboarding and monitoring solutions for a range of leading property firms.

Conveyance Firms

Estate Agents

Letting Agents

Property Investment


Service Offices

5AMLD compliance


The implementation of the 4th and 5th MLD has seen the level of client due diligence increase with Anti-money laundering and Right-to-Rent regulations having a particular focus .

NorthRow’s solutions include: 

Fee earning and compliance


RemoteVerify performs identity, document and addresses verification, along with liveness check to reduce your risk of fraud, for fast and compliant onboarding.

We remove the need for your client to physically be present at your branch or office,time-bound to an appointment, freeing up your sales and compliance resources.


Protecting your firm’s reputation


We provide a secure case management solution, with a searchable archive for audit purposes, to empower your compliance team to manage and control the data. Our platform not only automates checks, essential for onboarding but also aids your organisation to monitor your client’s on an ongoing basis to ensure continued AML compliance.

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Continued compliance


Monitoring is easy with NorthRow. You can add your clients to our monitoring solutions, so you can keep track of their risk-status and be alerted to any relevant changes in real-time, reducing your business risk and supporting you in meeting the necessary AML compliance regulations to avoid reputational damage.

A secure searchable archive for audit purposes and case management solution empowers your compliance teams to manage and control your data further.

Client Monitoring

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Clients we have worked with

We work with our clients to digitally transform their onboarding, monitoring and compliance processes.