Streamlining the KYC Onboarding Journey for Property Firms

Since the introduction of the 4th Money Laundering Directive, estate agencies are legally required to perform AML checks on both the buyers and sellers in property transactions. The level of due diligence that is now required has significantly increased the administrative burden for the agents. AML checks can be complex and time-consuming and can significantly impact the client onboarding process. 

How We Help

At NorthRow, we work with a number of the UK’s leading Agents to help automate AML, Right to Rent and ID Verification checks on all clients, ensuring a fast, secure and help ensure compliant onboarding process.


Who We Help

At NorthRow, we work with a number of the UK’s leading Estate Agents, Letting Agents PropTechs and property firms improve their onboarding, increase efficiency and help meet AML compliance regulations .


How Our AML & ID Verification Software Works

NorthRow’s provides real-time data lookups on people and companies, ID documents.You simply input the customer’s details on a NorthRow online form and upload all relevant ID documents. NorthRow can then check multiple identity documents including Passports,  biometric residence permits (BRPs), and National ID cards

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NorthRow receives the data submitted your have submitted and performs comprehensive AML and Identity verification checks to verify customer details and their identity.

Within seconds NorthRow completes the AML checks and delivers a pass/fail result, or refers the result with a detailed report to the management console for review. This capability Key feature of
Our Single API will provide you with an in-depth due diligence and streamlined customer on-boarding functionality.

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What is Included in An Our AML Solution

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- Address Verification Check
- Identity Document Verification Checks
- Beneficial Owner Check & Monitoring
- CCJs & Personal Insolvency check
- HM Treasury Sanctions check
- Screen individuals against PEP and Sanction data (EU & OFAC)
- Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) Checks (Both on Domestic and International)
- Known as Deceased
- Automatically monitors and screening of your contact database
- Maintain a full and paperless audit trail.

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Secure, Encrypted Data Storage


All checks are stored (encrypted at rest and in transit) within the NorthRow console, time and date stamped, are fully secure offering a full audit trail helping to ensure you can easily demonstrate compliance.

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Real-Time Right to Rent Checks


NorthRow helps landlords, lettings and estate agents determine the ‘right to rent’ of potential tenants with real-time checks on identity documents and secondary documents as required. We help tenant onboarding and monitoring to ensure the highest compliance obligation.

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Key Benefits & Features



Clients We Help Include

Case Studies

Canopy Case Study

NorthRow helps Canopy to carry out automated AML, Right to Rent and ID documents checks on both renters and landlords, to ensure an efficient and robust process.

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Leading Estate Agent Case Study

NorthRow works with one of the UK’s leading Estate Agents to help automate AML and Right to Rent checks, streamlining the client onboarding process whilst helping to ensure compliance.

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Why Leading Estate Agents Turned to NorthRow

Watch Richard Ingles, Head of Client Development at NorthRow, explains in the following short video, the current challenges facing the property sector in relation to onboarding are significant.

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"With access to one of the largest databases of screening information available in the UK, NorthRow’s technology can perform comprehensive identity verification checks on buyers & sellers, tenants, landlords, companies and all relevant ID documents in a matter of seconds. "

Richard Ingles, Head of Business Development, NorthRow