Identity Verification - Central and Local Government

Government bodies and local authorities spend considerable amounts of time and resources processing applications of all kinds. From parking permits, bus passes and blue badges, to pensions and housing benefits, the lengthy procedures and bureaucracy involved in processing and verifying each application can present significant challenges:

Richard Ingles, Head of Client Development


The Challenges

1. Firstly, it’s time-consuming – separate applications often require the manual input of an individual’s details via telephone, drawing on valuable resources.

2. The sheer volume of applications means that benefits can needlessly take months to process.

3. Manual processes introduce the risk of human error.

4. Disparate IT systems can complicate the digitisation of legacy manual practices.

Our Solution

The NorthRow platform is the only ID verification solution of its kind that allows organisations to carry out complex checks in real-time, via a automated, single API.

Collaborating with law enforcement and other trusted data suppliers, NorthRow works on behalf of multiple local authorities to streamline time-consuming, manual application processes, delivering real-time, automated results that save both time and money.

The NorthRow Solution Can

- Seamlessly integrate within the application process, becoming a part of the customer journey
- Improve the efficiency of online application processes
- Enhance due diligence checks
- Improve response time to applicants
- Eliminate the need for manual data-input
- Provide a full audit trail for reference purposes
- Be accessed via G Cloud database, the UK government’s approved list of technology services suppliers.

Key Benefits


Clients We Help Include



“In redesigning the process we wanted to reduce the pain for customers. The application process was lengthy, involving multiple steps which were not always straightforward for our customers. We were very conscious that older people and those with a disability were perhaps less familiar with scanning documentary evidence, uploading photographs and the other requirements of the existing online application process.”

Kat Sexton, Digital Services Architect at LGSS