Remote Onboarding Webinar Video

We have recently hosted a live webinar on Remote Onboarding: Focus on customer experience

Watch the recording of our webinar on Remote Onboarding hosted by Adrian Black, NorthRow’s CEO, and Andrew Bud CBE, iProov’s CEO. Adrian and Andrew discuss how best to ensure regulatory compliance and meet security demands without sacrificing the customer experience.

iProov and NorthRow share the same mission – to make it effortless for individuals and businesses to comply with complex regulations. The pandemic has proved beyond doubt that being able to verify customer identity online is not an optional extra or nice-to-have – it’s essential. The key is to make it simple and secure.

Key points covered include:

  • Introduction
  • Increasing Threats: Money Laundering & Fraud
  • Changes in Customer Expectations
  • Trade-Off: Security vs Customer Experience
  • The Partnership
  • Questions & Answers

Clients we have worked with

We work with our clients to digitally transform their onboarding, monitoring and compliance processes.