Validating a Clients Right to Rent

In order to comply with 2016 Immigration Act (Right to Rent) and  the 4th Money Laundering Directive, estates and lettings agents have an obligation to know and monitor their tenants. Verifying that tenants have the right to rent in the UK places a burden on the property sector to ensure they have complied with the relevant Know Your Customer (KYC) checks. Failure to adhere to these checks brings the risk of substantial fines and damage to the reputation of the business.


Who we Help?

NorthRow helps landlords, lettings and estate agents determine the ‘right to rent’ of potential tenants with real-time checks on identity documents and secondary documents as required. We help tenant onboarding and monitoring to ensure the highest compliance obligation.

How we Help?

1. Real-time verification of identity documents – passports, driving licenses, national ID cards

2. Data is extracted and verified to determine ‘right to rent’ eligibility

3. Where necessary secondary document checks – visas, Biometric Residence permits are also checked and verified for validity, expiry via the machine readable zone (MRZ)

4. We support the property sector with bespoke document verification solutions which also allow for some due diligence checks on landlords


Key Benefits

- Automated document checking

- Checks more document types than our competitors

- Reduced costs with secure cloud storage

- Simple management & reporting

- Constant updates with legislation

- Denied Persons List checking

- Statutory excuse

Case Studies

Canopy Case Study

NorthRow automates Right to Rent and ID documents checks on both renters and landlords, to ensure an efficient and robust process.

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Leading Estate Agent Case Study

NorthRow works with one of the UK’s leading Estate Agents to help automate AML and Right to Rent checks.

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