We Work With Consultancies, Validating People, Companies and Identity Documents

In the development and large, sophisticated IT projects global technology companies, management consultancies, systems integrators face the challenge of integrating data from disparate systems while addressing the complex compliance needs of their clients. At NorthRow we partner with organisations such as IBM, Accenture, Capita, accelerating the development and completion of complex IT projects, reducing the risk of non-compliance and providing deeper capability for checking corporate data, ID documents and people. This results in superior solutions for end customers.

Partnering with NorthRow

Our approach is to work with customers to support, review and enrich current compliance processes based on system requirements. As a strategic partner, we make recommendations and offer consultancy to our partners on the technology, processes, staff training and a legal framework required to ensure processes are fit for purpose and to manage future regulatory updates. NorthRow enable you to provide this service to end clients through our single API, which is non-disruptive and can easily be embedded in complex IT architectures to enhance existing capability. We employ a modular approach to complement your existing technology infrastructure.

Key Benefits

- Accelerate the successful completion of complex projects

- Reduce development and implementation costs for faster time to market

- Sustain compliance and mitigate against future risk

- Enrich current processes with broad verification on people, companies and ID documents

- Provide a single, configurable, non-disruptive single API

- Proven Track Record in reliable provision of our services.