From a single platform, users can access client-led configurable automation designed to help compliance teams with digital transformation, from streamlining their processes to enhanced visibility at scale.


WorkStation’s Core Features

KYC & KYB Screening

Reduce compliance costs through enhanced due diligence and gain an holistic view of a client’s profile.

  • Understand the nature of the clients’ activities
  • Verify the legitimacy of a client and identify risk factors
  • Prevent money laundering and other anti-social activities

Ongoing Monitoring

Promoting real-time information security, automated 24-hour review alerts with updates for any changes to records.

  • Identify changes in relationships and record-keeping
  • Full compliance with the latest regulations
  • Reassessment of client risk based on business activities

Case Management

Improve transparency with multiple checks combined into easy-access cases with a risk rating for each portfolio.

  • Expose high-risk clients with PEPs, Sanctions and CCJs
  • Keep informed with adverse media updated in real-time
  • Create a more efficient and effective onboarding process

Risk Scoring

Ameliorate risk management instantly via RAG scoring (Red, Amber, Green) to understand clients’ risk parameters.

  • Promptly make decisions based on the client’s risk profile
  • Understand measures to manage risk exposure
  • Optimise risk management through scheduled reviews

Scheduled Reviews

Continually track, review and report
on the risk of a client’s profile through
periodic re-reviews.


Oversee compliance workflows
matched to risk-rule needs, ensuring
optimised resource efficiency.


Customise your central hub to acquire
instant and actionable data that can be
made into insightful reports.

Alert Timeline

Efficiently track case developments
from key company changes to RAG
alert movements on one page.

Automated CDD Checks

Gain complete background checks in seconds on Directors, UBOs, PSCs and all other key stakeholders.

Manual CDD Checks

Undertake a full CDD on a company and associated clients, with manual control over the chosen individuals.

Top Rules Triggered

Comprehensively view the system’s overall performance, triggering reviews upon fundamental case alerts.

Smart PCs

Attain a structural overview of the business, providing an in-depth scope of ownership and levels of control.

Case Summary

Provides a holistic, top-level summary of backgrounds, sanctions and risk scoring of the client.

Quickly and easily complete tasks with a positive user experience from a single centralised compliance view.

WorkStation Is Fully Configurable


WorkStation is accessible through either API, UI or a hybrid of both, usability and interoperability with existing systems is easy, with integration times in the order of days and no material PS fees.

  • Save money and time spent on KYC/B and verification checks
  • Create consistent AML compliance processes
  • Screen clients across multiple data sources for accuracy
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Why NorthRow

NorthRow brings together market-leading compliance and verification technologies into a single, simple interface, accessible anywhere, any time. This empowers compliance officers to make faster decisions, reduce the need for siloed systems and onboard customers in seconds, not days. The additional time saved unlocks more time to focus on the single most important task – growing their business safely.

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Client Stories


Regus is the world’s largest provider of flexible workspaces: both virtual and serviced. They wanted to introduce a best-in-class customer onboarding process, to ensure compliance and exceed the requirements of various regulators.

Got a Question?

  • What do you do with our data?

    At NorthRow we take security very seriously, we adhere to the highest, rigorous standards for data, privacy and security compliance. The data you send us is only used to verify your client’s identities and businesses. We never use it for any other purpose. We send it to third parties to complete the checks, and we can share our list of sub-processors with you so that you have full transparency of how your data is used.

  • How do you test your services?

    Our products are tested continuously throughout our development process by a team of internal QA engineers. In addition to the application testing we regularly scan for vulnerabilities using third party services and undertake annual detailed penetration testing. We continually monitor new vulnerabilities and proactively work to ensure that we are protected.

  • Where is our data held?

    We host our services within the EU on Amazon Web Services. The data is encrypted in transit and at rest using AES-256 keys. Almost all of our sub-processors are also hosted within the EU. However, we will advise you if you need a service that is not based in the EU.

  • What about service availability?

    NorthRow makes use of the Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to ensure we do not have a single point of failure in our architecture. All the data we hold and the services we provide are backed up at regular intervals to protect against disruption or loss of data.

  • What assurances do you provide?

    We provide multiple independent assurances to ensure your data is safe. We are independently audited and certified for ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus. We carry out full penetration tests at least once a year, and perform regular vulnerability scans across all services. Every release is subjected to multiple rounds of automated and manual testing. We also benefit from the assurances of our cloud providers.

  • How fast can I be up and running?

    Typically, we get our clients live within 14 days of them signing a contract.

Compliance certifications and regulations

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