Trusted data suppliers for AML compliance

Automatically conduct comprehensive data searches and document collection against trusted data sources, aligned with your pre-defined compliance policies and processes.

NorthRow data providers

PEPs, sanctions & adverse media

Rely on our unrivalled data suppliers to identify ownership structures, PEPs, sanctions and adverse media in line with your risk appetite.

Identify UBOs in seconds

Easily visualise complex corporate structures to discover the ultimate beneficial ownership and assess any risks identified.

Leverage leading data providers databases

Consume data from various providers and use that, alongside the business rules and logic within the system, to make better decisions.

Make decisions about who you want to onboard

Truly global data coverage

Access KYC/B data from an unrivalled range of global data sources covering over 200 jurisdictions, to build out complete risk profiles for businesses and individuals.

Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud offers the world’s most comprehensive business data and analytical insights, becoming our primary supplier for data coverage.

  • A leading global provider of business decisioning data and analytics for almost 200 years
  • 6,000 employees globally dedicated to providing the highest curated data and analytics
  • Boasting a client base of approximately 135,000, including 90% of the Fortune 500
Data Provider - Dun & Bradstreet
lexis nexis logo

With access to their extensive datasets, LexisNexis is our core provider of UK identity and address validation data, such as credit reference agency and electoral register data.

  • Over 60,000 trusted legal, news, and public records sources
  • Global legal and information database containing 139 billion documents and records
  • 1.9 million legal documents are added daily, helping to optimise global expansion
acuris logo

Acuris, a worldwide trusted and independent provider of data intelligence, is our core source of risk data, specifically for PEPs, Sanctions and Adverse Media.

  • 1,300 staff, including 600 specialist journalists and analysts, in 67 locations around the world
  • An independent provider of data intelligence specialising in Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Corruption and Cybersecurity
  • Developed KYC6, a highly effective online portal that provides compliance teams with key capabilities of individuals
Creditsafe logo

Creditsafe is our supplier for company data, holding a global database containing insights on more than 365 million businesses, directors and shareholders worldwide.

  • The founder and administrator of a global network of leading commercial credit reference agencies
  • Maintaining credit information on over 365 million businesses across the globe with live data streams for over 70 countries
  • The industry’s largest wholly owned database provides accurate and reliable data to over 200,000 subscribers across the globe
Dow Jones Logo

Dow Jones has grown to be a worldwide news and information powerhouse. They provide data solutions to help financial institutions and corporations comply with anti-money laundering and anti-corruption obligations, and reduce third-party risk.

  • 450+ researchers and analysts with industry-leading automation and AI tools
  • Well-maintained database for effective screening across 200 countries
  • Conduct comprehensive due diligence on customers
Dow Jones data Providers

Our other data providers

Aristotle logo
International person data


Aristotle is our supplier for international checks against individuals.

BvD logo
Company data

Bureau van Dijk

If customers have a Bureau van Dijk contract, we can run that data through NorthRow.

GBG IDscan
ID documents


GBG IDScan is our most popular provider of automatic and manual document reviews.

TrustID logo
ID documents


TrustID is our supplier for expert document reviews.

ABBYY logo
ID documents


ABBYY is our supplier for checking MRZ for passports.

iProov logo
Remote verification


iProov is a biometric authentication for onboarding clients.

IDVerse logo
Liveness and ID documents


IDVerse is one of our suppliers for identity authentication, liveness verification and automated document validation.

FullContact logo
Social media


FullContact is a social media lookup provider based on email addresses.

Loqate logo
Postcode lookup


Loqate is a global address verification provider.

vianet logo
Phone verification


Vianet (now Link Mobility) verifies the location of mobile phone numbers.

telesign logo
Phone verification


Telesign is our supplier for telephone number linetypes.

kompli-global logo
Due diligence


Kompli-Global provides on demand due diligence reports.

Having multiple sources from data providers gives us access to a rich vein of in-depth, accurate and complete information about prospective clients across the globe. This information can help you make faster decisions and the required touch points to make essential decisions that will stem from critical activities within your company. With Lexis Nexis, Acuris and Creditsafe supporting our platforms, we unlock a whole new medium of coverage for our data acquisition, boosting productivity maximisation and accessible insights from the off.

Anton Zdziebczok

Chief Product Officer, NorthRow

Data working for you

Make faster decisions

With access to a vast, global network of data sources, you can make faster decisions to evaluate risk and onboard customers in minutes.

The full picture

Capture a complete snapshot of every scrap of data you need to fulfil your regulatory responsibilities and make decisions based on hard facts.

AML critical insight

Ensures that your team only sees the relevant information to evaluate companies and individuals, minimising the time wasted looking at irrelevant, disparate information.

One single solution

Remove the need for disparate systems by automating your data research and collection for KYC/B in one single, integrated solution that works for you.

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"It is crucial for us not only to be compliant but also to safeguard our clients and the integrity of our brand. With NorthRow’s help we can not only streamline client onboarding and meet AML regulations, but we know that we have the best due diligence and fraud protection system in the market."
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