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Our automated global AML compliance management software includes KYB, KYC and ID&V, empowering you to make faster decisions and onboard customers in seconds, not days.

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Trusted by thousands across the world to digitally transform and automate their AML compliance processes.

End-to-end AML compliance solution

Client onboards taking longer than 3 mins? You need NorthRow

NorthRow's leading solutions help to oversee and streamline AML compliance processes throughout the customer lifecycle, digitally transforming the fight against financial crime and fraud, while creating modern customer experiences that foster satisfaction and loyalty.

This enables compliance teams to adopt new approaches to how they work with NorthRow bringing together market-leading compliance and verification technologies into a single, simple interface, accessible anywhere, any time.
Know your business verification - AML compliance

Automate identity, document and liveness verification

Onboard individuals and businesses with ease with our integrated AML compliance platform that automates verification, evaluates risk, and simplifies compliance with evolving regulations.


Alerts to any counterparty risk profile changes

Understand any risk profile changes to both companies and individuals, so you can keep tabs on political exposure, sanctions or adverse media and ensure you remain compliant.

Know your business verification
Greater control of onboarding

Re-assess your customer data and rectify any issues

Update back-books of customer data with ease to ensure it remains accurate and at the relevant risk level to meet your company's risk profile and current regulation.

How we help

Flexible and modular RegTech architecture

Choose the suite of tools you need, when you need them and digitise your AML compliance processes in a flexible way that matches your business’ needs and timeline.

KYC and KYB screening

Conduct comprehensive AML screening on individuals and business.

Case management solution

Group checks into easy-access cases with a risk rating for each portfolio.

ID&V and Right to Work

Carry out comprehensive identity and document verification checks remotely.

AML compliance

Identify potential risks to ensure ongoing AML compliance such as UBOs and PEPs and sanctions.

Ongoing monitoring

Regular automated alerts notifying you of any risk profile changes to both companies and individuals.


Meet your KYC and KYB obligations and be confident that your customer data is up-to-date protecting your business.

Who we work with

Industry solutions

NorthRow provides compliance management services for businesses globally. With over a decade of experience, we deliver innovative solutions to meet each client's unique needs to help fight financial crime.

Financial services

Enhance due diligence by assessing money laundering risks and detecting suspicious transactions with ongoing monitoring.

Popular sectors

Property development

Provide a friction-free experience for your clients with digital onboarding whilst maintaining compliance.

Popular sectors

Professional services

Meet KYC/B and anti-money laundering requirements with an easy-to-integrate compliance software solution.

Popular sectors

People services

Remotely onboard your candidates and build workflows to match your identity verification requirements.

Popular sectors

“NorthRow has been very easy to work with; they have listened, and their approach is professional, transparent and consultative. Their ability to deliver a bespoke AML solution that combines automated identity checks with the added security of face-to-face verification made them the obvious choice.”

Nigel Spencer

Open Banking

NorthRow data providers
Leading Data Providers

Global individual and company data coverage

Create complete risk profiles for individuals and businesses with data from multiple and unrivalled global sources covering over 200 jurisdictions.

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DCMS certification

We're a government certified IDSP

As a certified IDSP (Identity Service Provider) under the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework, NorthRow provides the tools to deliver remote Right to Work checks

Got a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

For all of your burning questions, take a look at our FAQs below. Can’t find the answer to your question? Feel free to contact us directly and we’ll be happy to help.

NorthRow integrates with lots of renowned global data providers, corporate registries and premium data sources, providing unrivalled access to the data your business needs.

To see our entire list of data providers and to discover more about the types of data we process, click here

Our key data providers are as follows:

Lexis Nexis is our core provider of UK identity and address validation data, such as credit reference agency and electoral register data.

Acuris (often referred to as C6), is our core provider of risk data. Specifically for PEPs, sanctions and adverse media.

Creditsafe is our supplier for KYB/company data. Often used for corporate ownership and structure information. This includes company directors, shareholders and other interested parties as well as where a company is based and its business activities to help support identification of UBOs.

At NorthRow we take security very seriously, we adhere to the highest, rigorous standards for data, privacy and security compliance. The data you send us is only used to verify your client’s identities and businesses. We never use it for any other purpose. We send it to third parties to complete the checks, and we can share our list of sub-processors with you so that you have full transparency of how your data is used.

Our products are tested continuously throughout our development process by a team of internal QA engineers. In addition to the application testing we regularly scan for vulnerabilities using third party services and undertake annual detailed penetration testing. We continually monitor new vulnerabilities and proactively work to ensure that we are protected.

We host our services within the EU on Amazon Web Services. The data is encrypted in transit and at rest using AES-256 keys. Almost all of our sub-processors are also hosted within the EU. However, we will advise you if you need a service that is not based in the EU.

NorthRow makes use of the Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to ensure we do not have a single point of failure in our architecture. All the data we hold and the services we provide are backed up at regular intervals to protect against disruption or loss of data.

From the moment we work together we hold your hand throughout the implementation process and continue through to ‘go live’.
Excellent customer service and continued support are all part of partnering with NorthRow. You can always email our support team on if you have any queries.
All customers receive a dedicated account manager who will keep in touch to ensure you get the most out of our software.

Typically, we get our clients live within 14 days of them signing a contract.

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