Verify new customers and stay ahead of your competitors

Allow your customers to sign up and validate their digital identity in minutes, at their own convenience, using their own device, anywhere, at any time.

Remote Client Onboarding Made Easy
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Improve customer satisfaction

Allow comprehensive identity and document verification remotely. You can access real-time actionable data on your counterparty risks, whilst delivering regulatory compliance.

Fast-track customer ID checks

Capture and verify customers’ details online, with no need for paperwork or face-to-face contact.

Securely store sensitive information

Ensure key customer identity information is securely saved in the Cloud, with a complete audit trail in place.

Validate digital identities on the go

Make it as easy as possible for your customers to sign up by simply taking a photo of their ID with their mobile device.

Automate digital identity, document and liveness verification

Automate digital identity, document and liveness verification

Ensure quick and efficient onboarding with frictionless, paperless ID capture and verification. Confirm the authenticity of an ID and that the person in possession of it is the owner.


Track progress of each digital identity check

Review, manage and take action on individual ID checks at any time with our intuitive dashboard located within our ID&V solution.

Know your customer identification
Digital identity risk status app

Reduce business risk

Keep track of your clients’ risk status and be alerted to any relevant changes, ensuring you meet ongoing AML compliance.

“The integration of muinmos and NorthRow enables us to provide a fast, simple and compliant onboarding process for our institutional and professional clients. We are committed to adopting best-in-class technology solutions in all areas of the business, and muinmos and NorthRow’s onboarding solution facilitates the most efficient user experience whilst also ensuring regulatory compliance.”

Nick Cropper

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Optimise your valuable resources

Remove the need for your clients to be physically present at a location or time-bound to an appointment to run their digital identity verification, freeing up your sales and compliance resources, so you can focus on growing your business.

Intelligent workflows

A simple step-by-step process guides customers through the correct process to verify their identities, checking the relevant documentation and compliance requirements.


Intuitive software designed for ID verification that is capable of scaling at speed, regardless of size, volume or complexity of checks required.

Effortless ID&V management

Simplify ID&V with an easy-to-use case system which allows you to organise, update, and store information securely, and in line with GDPR and data protection regulations.

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