We Help the Retail Sector Undertake Staff and Supplier Identity Verification Checks

Key Challenges

The retail sector faces significant challenges relating to security and terrorist threats, threats which show no sign of abating at present.

The main challenge retailers face is to ensure that they conduct comprehensive checks on anyone that requests access to secure areas within the company’s premises.

Retailers also need to know who they are dealing with from employees, contractors to day visitors.

Managing pre-employment and pre-entry checks can be time consuming, resource intensive and expensive.

Retailers need a fast ID verification process which does not compromise the accuracy and integrity of the checks that are undertaken.

Clients We Help Include

How We Help?

We simplify and improve security by taking the pain out of ID verification checks. Collaborating with law enforcement and other trusted data suppliers, NorthRow streamlines time-consuming, manual application processes, delivering real-time, automated results that save both time and money.

NorthRow’s ability to conduct checks against law enforcement data, combined with the internal retailers’ own ASBO lists, means it is also an effective measure to prevent those previously arrested for shoplifting from securing employment within the retailer’s shopping centres. Our solution allows Retailers to issue security passes to employees, retail staff, and to contractors with confidence, while minimising the company’s administrative burden.

Key Benefits