Automating AML and KYC Checks as Part of Customer Onboarding

The whole FinTech space has exploded in recent years particularly in financial hubs like London. In most cases, startups have been availing of changes in legislation as well as innovations in technology to offer a host of new innovative solutions.

These companies need to ensure that they also meet the minimum requirements when it comes to legislation impacting on their ability to trade.

Helping Fintechs with Client Onboarding

1. Growing FinTech companies need a fast, reliable and flexible customer onboarding process, that can assure all KYC/AML requirements are being met, as they attempt to secure an FCA licence

2. Improving the customer experience is a USP - so they need to ensure smooth customer onboarding

3. Fin Techs need scalable customer onboarding and compliance solutions as business grows

4. Due diligence solutions need to be adopted that will grow and adapt to future regulatory changes

5. Resource and budget constraints need affordable and flexible compliance solutions.


Our Solution

1. NorthRow enables firms to manage the complexity of onboarding and monitoring of customers

2. By working with a wide range of commercial data suppliers NorthRow is able to offer comprehensive checks on people, companies, identity documents, mobile phone locations and social media accounts across many different geographies.

3. Multiple data sources are accesses through a single API and the breadth of data is greater than that offered by any other platform

4. Customers have access to all the datasets they need - data is only inputted once

5. Seamlessly integrating different datasets and new functionality required for the latest legislation changes

Key Benefits


"At Credit Peers we rely on NorthRow to automate AML & KYC checks on both lenders and borrowers, helping to streamline the customer onboarding process. We have partnered with NorthRow for just over 2-years and in that period they have ensured all compliance requirements have been met or exceeded. We look forward continuing and expanding our partnership further in the years to come."

Torsten Hartmann, CEO, Credit Peers Ltd