anti-money laundering regulations

A complete guide to anti-money laundering regulations in the UK

This comprehensive guide provides an overview of key anti-money laundering regulations and how firms can achieve compliance to avoid fines and penalties. … Read More

compliance trends

Infographic: Compliance trends in 2023

2022 threw global events, new regulations and record-breaking fines into the compliance melting pot. And yet, the war against bad actors, money launderers and criminals continues to wage. As fraudsters evolve and continue to develop their shady strategies, so too … Read More

anti-money laundering solution

Using an anti-money laundering solution to identify and prevent financial crime

Using an anti-money laundering solution has fast become a key part of the compliance professional’s toolkit when performing customer due diligence.  … Read More

register of overseas entities

The register of overseas entities: crunch-time for international firms with property in the UK

Overseas entities that own property in the UK were required, by the introduction of the Economic Crime (Transparency and Enforcement) Act 2022 (the ECTEA), to register their details, and those of all Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs), on the register of … Read More

AML compliance for property firms

Managing AML compliance in the property sector

Laundering money through property is a major problem. To avoid censure, fines and sanctions, property firms must have a robust risk assessment in place. They must have adequate processes to identify fraudulent activity, if the regulators come knocking. … Read More

proactive kyc and kyb

8 barriers and benefits for proactive KYB and KYC

KYC (Know Your Customer) and KYB (Know Your Business) are not one-hit processes for simply onboarding your customers at the outset of your relationship. In this eBook, we look at barriers and benefits of a proactive approach to continuous KYC/KYB. … Read More

payments industry

The crucial role NorthRow plays in the payments industry

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements are increasingly stringent for payment processors. It’s critical that firms understand their obligations. But also, how collaboration between the front, middle and back office should not be a blocker for the business.  … Read More

4 Ways Software can Ensure KYC/AML Compliance

4 ways software can ensure KYC/AML compliance

Risk and compliance software platforms help businesses record, track and manage their regulatory obligations. Firms that offer this technology help businesses comply with regulations efficiently and less expensively than manual, process driven solutions.  RegTech providers offer bespoke integrated solutions that … Read More

5 Essential Steps for KYC Onboarding and AML Compliance

5 Essential Steps for KYC Onboarding and AML Compliance

According to Thomson Reuters research, 92% of firms estimated that current Know Your Customer (KYC) onboarding processes cost roughly $28.5m. On the flip side, the UN estimated that the cost of global money laundering annually is between $800 billion – … Read More

Computer and mobile phone

KYC Verification to Eliminate SIM Card Fraud in the Telecoms Industry

Sim Card Fraud … Read More

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