Validate IDs digitally with biometric authentication

Our biometric authentication software allows you to onboard clients faster. You can verify your clients instantly via our facial recognition which verifies the user’s face with their ID.

What is biometric authentication?

Verify the right person, ensure they are real and it's taking place right now

Biometric authentication is a security process that relies on the unique biological characteristics of individuals to verify they are who they say they are. This is particularly crucial for AML efforts ensuring you filter out bad actors, bots and fraudulent identities straight away.

Monitor clients in real-time

Reduce time and costs to onboard new clients

Replace manual verification to increase the accuracy of biometric checks and reduce costs while maximising completion rates.

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Mitigate fraud and financial crime risks

Maintain high levels of security by verifying that new customers are who they say they are through biometric face authentication.

Meet AML compliance regulations

Comply with regulatory guidelines

Meet regulatory compliance laws to reduce the risk of penalties and reputational damage from negative publicity.

Digital identity risk status app
Liveness and face matching

Automate digital identity, document and liveness verification

In just a few moments, our biometric authentication can verify the true document holder in a fraud-proof and user-friendly method. In partnership with iProov, a leading biometric security technology, we perform a facial scan which is then compared to the pre-enrolled picture from the provided ID document to eliminate any chance of fraud.

Improved user experience

A simple process where users run their own selfie ID verification

As long as your clients have a phone or tablet with a camera and internet connection, they can verify themselves in three simple steps - upload their document, run our biometric authentication and then verify their address. Simple.

Know your customer identification
An end-to-end approach to data security, privacy and control
Advanced security

Security delivered that is device-independent

Our facial recognition is compliant with ever-changing regulations and has maximum spoof attack detection. The technology is highly secure and independent to the user's device. We are also certified to ISO27001 standards and have Cyber Essential Plus to protect sensitive data.

"It is crucial for us not only to be compliant but also to safeguard our clients and the integrity of our brand. With NorthRow’s help we can not only streamline client onboarding and meet AML regulations, but we know that we have the best due diligence and fraud protection system in the market."

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Why you need our biometric authentication

We confirm that the person is the right person, a real person and is authenticating at the time of running the check. It can be used as a primary authentication type, as part of multi-factor authentication or step-up authentication.

Stop the use of deepfakes

Deepfakes, masks and other sophisticated online attacks are becoming more prevalent and we help intercept these attacks before they can harm your business.

Reassurance for your customers

With identity theft and other online crimes on the rise, your customers want to be assured that they are onboarded securely. We give them that assurance.

Scalable as you grow your business

We help you accelerate your growth safely and remove the need for manual checks, which are costly and have lower accuracy as you scale your business.

Ready to get started?

Book your free demo of our comprehensive AML and ID&V solution today and see how our biometric authentication works.