Quickly Validate Employee’s Right to Work in the UK

All UK employers are required by law to verify that potential and existing employees are eligible to work in the UK through ‘Right to Work’ checks (regardless of their nationality). NorthRow's Right to Work solutions allows our clients to instantly verify if an employee or potential employee can work in the UK via real-time ‘Right to Work’ checks.

How We Help You:

Our user-friendly, low-cost, technology-led approach allows clients to capture, authenticate and store immigration and ID documentation, allowing you to onboard your employees quickly, whilst helping to ensure you are inline with Right to Work legislation.

How Our Right to Work Solution Works

NorthRow allows you to simplify your Right to Work employee onboarding processes. You just need to follow these simple steps.


Step 1 - Right to Work App

Our mobile app helps you keep pace with both the on-demand workforce environment and home office legislation for Right to Work compliance

The app allows you to check employees, and to securely retain their documentation, whilst confirming that an individual is eligible to work in the UK.

The mobile solution is ideal for multi-site organisations and personnel who are on the move.

Compatible across multiple devices, including iOS and Android, this solution brings automation, speed and efficiency to HR processes.

Watch our short demo video to learn more how our Right to Work app works.

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Step 2 - Cloud Management Portal

Once a check has been performed the results are stored in the highly secure cloud storage platform. This includes all copies of document scans, expiry dates, and visa categories.

In short, the NorthRow portal provides a comprehensive record and audit trail. A flexible reporting function allows reports to be created as and when they are required.

Speak to a Right to Work sales rep to learn more on our management console can help you manage your employees right to work credentials.

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Step 3 (Optional) - Infrared ID Document Scanner

As an extra layer of security, there is the added option of using NorthRow’s infrared ID Document scanner to check ID documents are genuine and have not been tampered with.

Our Desktop Scanner can deliver an effective and immediate decision on an ID document’s legitimacy by performing scans of visible & non visible security features, ensuring our clients can be confident in making data-driven decisions in an instant as to who they employ.

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Key Benefits

Right to Work Case Studies

With the Government imposing harsher civil penalties for employing workers not eligible to work in the UK, read the latest case studies to learn how our technology can help businesses ensure compliance and reduce the administrative burden of right to work checks.

Gordon Ramsay Case Study

Learn how NorthRow helped Gordon Ramsay restaurants automate Right to Work checks on their employees, to help ensure Home Office compliance.

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Mitchells & Butlers Case Study

NorthRow provides Mitchells and Butlers with fast, secure and compliant Right to Work check on their employee’s and potential candidates, across the UK.

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"NorthRow is so much more than our Right to Work software supplier, it has become our trusted partner. Responding to our feedback it has developed its solution to deliver an even better user experience. Its compliance application now enables our managers to focus on running the business rather than carrying out HR Right to Work checks. This increases productivity and efficiency to drive up our bottom line at the same time knowing that we are complying with Home Office Right to Work legislation.”

Neil Smart Director of Employee Shared Services, Mitchells & Butler