AML compliance for high value dealers

Mitigate the threat of financial crime and terrorist financing with a digital solution designed to detect any adverse risks. 

AML for high value dealers
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How NorthRow helps high value dealers

Client identity verification

The latest biometric facial recognition technology and extensive data sources for cross-jurisdictional identity verification.

Accelerate compliance

Accelerate KYC/KYB processes and automate the verification of client identities, addresses, and dates of birth in real-time.

Efficient processes

Keep a secure audit trail for all your records, reporting and compliance requirements to meet regulatory responsibilities with ease.

Reduce manual effort

Streamline and standardise your KYC/B processes, UBO verification, and ongoing client monitoring to reduce manual effort.

High value dealers KYC checks
KYC, KYB and due diligence for HIGH VALUE DEALERS

Protect society and combat high value financial crime

Businesses that deal in goods and accept cash, equivalent to €10,000 or more in any currency, may be considered a High Value Dealer (HVD) and subject to compliance regulation. HVDs must ensure robust anti-money laundering procedures to protect themselves against the threat of bad actors and risk of prosecution. Remove the challenge of time-consuming and inaccurate manual processes with an automated solution that streamlines AML compliance.

Automated KYC checks
KYC for high value dealers

Know your customer identification

Reduce time to onboarding from weeks to minutes with real-time digital identity verification as well as full KYC, KYB and UBO screening through a dedicated platform for high value clients.

KYB for high value dealers

Know your business verification

We help high value dealers meet their ongoing KYB and AML obligations. Screen and identify financial and shareholder information, as well as UBO details for the most complex corporate structures against our extensive multi-jurisdictional PEPs, sanctions and adverse media lists.

Gain a complete picture of each customer
Enhanced due diligence
Due diligence for high value dealers

Screening and enhanced due diligence

Reduce your risk exposure and maintain an up-to-date risk profile of every buyer to make compliance easier. Identify beneficial owners, PEPs, sanctioned individuals and cases of adverse media from one single, easy-to-use platform.

"...there has been a positive change towards client onboarding. We have seen a significant improvement from a cost and time perspective. "

Deputy Money Laundering Officer

Knight Frank

Why NorthRow...

500k+ worldwide users

173 active countries

99.99% uptime

The easiest way for high value dealers to meet their AML requirements is to use WorkStation for digital client verification and ongoing monitoring.

WorkStation verifies, screens, manages the results, monitors and provides a record of all transactions for audit purposes. As a single platform it delivers all your KYC, KYB and ongoing monitoring in an intuitive end-to-end solution.

KYC and KYB screening

Facilitate the complexity of compliance and reduce risk when onboarding new clients by verifying their identity and screening against sanctions lists.


Manage each individual and company with our simple case management solution, view results and set alerts where action is required to ensure due diligence.

Efficient identity verification

Simplify ID&V with an easy-to-use case system which allows you to organise, update, and store information securely, and in line with GDPR and data protection regulations.

AML compliance

Keep track of your clients’ risk status using our RAG system and be alerted to any relevant changes, ensuring you meet ongoing AML compliance.

Ongoing monitoring

Automated alerts notify companies and individuals of risk profile changes, so you can keep tabs on political exposure, sanctions or adverse media.


Improve efficiency with a risk-based approach to remediation and data collection processes minimising the administrative burden placed on your team.

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