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How single-solution KYB can simplify compliance and enhance efficiency in payments firms

As money laundering and fraud threats continue to evolve, regulated payments firms in the UK face growing pressure to enhance their compliance frameworks. This is particularly pertinent for risk and compliance leaders who are at the frontline of ensuring their … Read More

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How to navigate KYB challenges in payments firms from the C-Suite

Navigating the complexities of Know Your Business (KYB) regulations is one of the most critical tasks for C-suite executives in regulated payments firms. As the regulatory landscape evolves, executives must stay ahead of compliance requirements while fostering a business environment … Read More

How to reduce KYB customer friction in lending and accelerate loan approval

Know Your Business (KYB) processes are crucial for lending firms, particularly in a heavily regulated market like the UK. Ensuring that businesses seeking loans are legitimate and financially sound is not only a regulatory requirement but also a fundamental step … Read More

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Boosting application volume with KYB technology for lending firms

Implementing KYB (Know Your Business) technology can have a significant impact on the application volume of lending firms. By leveraging KYB technology, lenders can streamline their onboarding process and make it more efficient, resulting in a higher number of applications. … Read More

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6 ways to continuously improve your KYB compliance processes

Maintaining a comprehensive Know Your Business (KYB) process is essential to ensuring ongoing compliance and mitigating any undue risk associated with financial crime, such as money laundering and terrorist financing from impacting your legal firm. Being proactive in your firm’s … Read More

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How to mitigate KYB risks in your legal firm: practical strategies for compliance teams

In today’s legal landscape, compliance with Know Your Business (KYB) regulations is not just a statutory requirement but a strategic imperative. KYB measures are crucial in ensuring that legal firms engage only with legitimate entities, thus preventing fraud, money laundering, … Read More

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How to streamline KYB onboarding and ongoing risk assessment in lending firms

In the highly regulated UK lending market, effective Know Your Business (KYB) procedures are crucial for mitigating risk and ensuring compliance. However, lending firms often face significant challenges in KYB onboarding, which can complicate and delay the loan approval process.  … Read More

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How KYB compliance can give your firm a competitive edge

To some, Know Your Business (or KYB) compliance is viewed as a burden, a regulatory necessity, and a box to tick. However, when approached in the right way, KYB compliance can be transformed from a perceived obstacle into a powerful … Read More

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7 ways to streamline KYB compliance processes for legal firms

KYB compliance is a critical task for every law firm, but it can often be a cumbersome and time-consuming process, especially for your fee earners carrying out checks manually on top of an already substantial workload.  Manual KYB checks are … Read More

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Tackling the most common KYB challenges in legal firms

KYB (Know Your Business) is an important process as part of wider AML procedures in legal firms that involves verifying the identity and background of their corporate clients, suppliers, and partners.  In order to comply with Anti-Money Laundering requirements, law … Read More