Efficient know your customer remediation

Solve remediation pain while updating your existing customer base with our automated and scalable solutions, no matter how complex your KYC remediation project.

AML Compliance

Remediate inaccurate data

Software that helps meet the specific requirements of delivering a risk-based solution for your business.

Automated risk-assessments

Gain comprehensive risk-scores on your clients, with a detailed report for review, flagging anyone for enhanced due diligence.

Company and individual remediation

Remediate international companies and individuals in real-time whilst performing in-depth AML and electronic identity verification.

Access accurate and up-to-date data

Ensure you have access to the highest-quality global data sources on the market via our single API.

Know your customer identification

Automate remediation

Efficiently manage your remediation project with an automated solution to verify client data and documentation by setting business rules tailored to your requirements.


Improved risk mitigation

Follow a risk-based approach to remediation and data collection processes, ensuring that risks of financial crime posed by a customer are understood and fully mitigated.

Know your customer identification

Ongoing compliance

Minimise future risk by controlling each client's frequency of automatic monitoring, altering monitoring aspects that create immediate alerts for continued compliance.

“NorthRow is so much more than our Right to Work software supplier, it has become our trusted innovation partner enabling our managers to focus on running the business increasing productivity and efficiency.”

Neil Smart

Mitchell & Butlers

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Create growth, safely through efficient AML processes

Complete peace of mind that your business is growing in a safe, compliant way with a comprehensive digital onboarding and customer experience.

Full audit record

Secure and searchable archive of all updates, allowing easy access and audit trail of every change and record of action taken.

Instant alerts

With our real-time management dashboards, it’s easy to get status updates and alerts to manage any risks involved with the project.

Secure and scalable

Scalable and secure cloud solutions to facilitate expanded remediation projects, seamlessly handling increasing volume.

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