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Leading the fight to reduce financial crime

NorthRow provides software which empowers compliance officers to make faster decisions and onboard customers in seconds, not days, whilst complying with ever-changing legislation, so that they can contribute to their business’ growth, safely.


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Why we're unique

Over a decade ago, Contego, now known as NorthRow, wasn’t founded just as a business opportunity, but as a chance to make a difference to the devastating effects that fraud, and other forms of financial crime, can have on individuals and companies.

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The human element

Great people.
Great culture

With an extensive breadth of experience and leading software solutions, NorthRow helps businesses to successfully onboard new clients and employees. We do this through robust compliance, monitoring and remediation capabilities giving you peace of mind knowing the burden of risk management is taken care of. We unlock more time for you to focus on the single most important task – growing your business safely.

Our values


These values are more than just buzzwords; they are the core principles that shape our culture, ignite unity and create an open, diverse approach that stems throughout the company’s approach to everything we do.


To challenge and innovate; to come up with ideas and to be heard.


Trusted to do the right thing and to do things right, always acting ethically.


For individual results and for working together towards our shared goals.


Of our clients, of each other, and of our well-being.


We are as open as constraints allow and always honest.

Key Investors
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mercia asset management
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UK innovation and science seed fund
Adrian Field


Adrian has over 15 years of experience in investment, both in venture capital and private equity. He was jointly responsible for the Cleantech portfolio, which produced 4 of the top 5 French FCPI funds, according to Morningstar in 2011.

Dr. Melaine Goward

Dr. Melanie

Dr. Melanie Goward joined Maven back in 2016 from Finance Wales and is now the Investment Director with Maven Capital Partners, responsible for transacting new early-stage and technology private equity investments across the South West of England and Wales.

Andrew Doyle


Andrew has 25 years of experience in the TMT sector. He has been a senior executive member in several early-stage and scale-up companies, providing remarkable growth and successful exit.

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Dimitris has been focusing on early-stage technology investments since 2018, bringing over 20 years’ experience in the TMT space across a wide variety of operational and strategic roles both as an industry executive and a management consultant. He has an M.Eng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Imperial College London and an MBA from London Business School.

“Ensuring compliance with legislative requirements for our customers is key. We deliver a scalable solution to transform compliance across many enterprises.

Developing innovative technology, allied with trusted data and the expertise of our people, NorthRow has the core elements to help your business win the war on financial crime.

Continuous technology innovation is vital for your business, enabling you to play your part in stopping criminals in their tracks, and we are here to sustain that.”

Andrew Doyle

Executive Chair & CEO, NorthRow

Leadership team

Andrew Doyle

Andrew Doyle

Executive Chair & CEO

Andrew has 25 years+ of experience in the TMT sector. He has been a senior executive member in several early-stage and scale-up companies, providing remarkable growth and successful exit.

Anton Zdziebczok

Anton Zdziebczok

Chief STRATEGY & Product Officer

Anton leads the product function ensuring our offering fits the needs of our clients. He boasts a decade of experience in the FinTech sector, after helping firms provide best in market user experiences.

Dan Schonfeld

Dan Schonfeld

Chief Finance Officer

Dan is a strategic, goal-focused professional, with a proven history of achievement and an established reputation as a transformational leader driven by challenge and committed to excellence.

Chris Bourne

Chris Bourne

Head of Marketing

Chris has over twelve years of experience in the SaaS space, holding a track record for year-on-year growth, specialising in CRM, SEM, marketing automation and demand generation.


Luca Redcliffe


Luca Redcliffe has accumulated wide experience over 19 years in the tech industry, from nascent startups to FTSE 100 companies, including 5 years at HL building their savings platform from POC to 3billion AUA.

Richard Evans

Richard Evans

Head of Customer Success

Richard leads the customer success and implementation function at NorthRow.  He has over 18 years experience working within FinTech and SaaS organisations operating across global regulatory compliance and data insight industries.

Joe Morris


Joe has been with NorthRow since the start of 2023 and has extensive experience working within SaaS organisations operating in the KYC/B and ID&V space.

Sarah Clarke

Sarah Clark


Sarah has been with NorthRow for over five years, where she has supported a wide variety of projects and played an influential role in the business’s day-to-day running.

Jodie Lewis headshot

Jodie Lewis

Head of Platform Operations

Jodie oversees our platform operations and support team, providing help and guidance to all internal and external customers, and leading the day-to-day operations of our customer service department.

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